Chef Pals(TM) Meat Thermometers

So I’m a member of the Cooking Club of America. If you don’t know me already, let me tell you, I’m a sucker for free things that are sent to me in the mail. I get sucked into all those advertisements that tell me I’m the exclusive invite of their new program! The Cooking Club of America sounded plenty glamours to me so I signed up!

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I got a free knife out of it and a pretty great cookbook…I have yet to crack open. Oh well..

One perk of this silly club is the email I get of exclusive products available only to Cooking Club members. I though that was one of the “lines” they tell you, but turns out it’s true. I got this email the other day from them selling these little guys and I just tried to click back on the link and they are SOLD OUT! Popular little suckers :)

Here’s their pitch…

“Beep, beep, beep. The classic alarm: One of the most annoying sounds in the universe. Why bring that kind of stress into the kitchen? For a little bit of fun, choose the Chef Pals Meat Thermometer + Timerinstead. No stressful sounds here—only a moo, oink or gobble when meat reaches the proper USDA-designated internal temperature, depending on which thermometer you’re using. (Each one is designed for a different protein: beef, pork or poultry. To hear them, click on the link above, and then click on the sound clips.) A red LED light also flashes when the meat is done. Each thermometer has a steel probe that goes in the meat and a heat resistant-cable that extends outside the oven or pan. Place the unit on the counter or attach it to the oven with the magnetized feet. Adding fun to your kitchen doesn’t have to be expensive. Through Thursday, these cute tools are available for only $15 each—so you can buy all three!”

Anyone out there try these little guys? I kind of like the idea of them as a fun kitchen gadget…but will these be doomed to the back of your utensils drawer only to be forgotten until it’s too late?! Feedback on these little gems please!!

For further reading on the release of these gadgets read an excerpt from a market press release on  Yahoo! Finance 


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