Oreo Truffles


So, my sister Elizabeth had her bridal shower last year in July and we had a bunch of her friends down for a “little black dress” themed personal shower. Lots of fun and a great way to combine a bachelorette and bridal shower. We had lots of appetizers and ended up with a really impressive table of desserts. One of the hits of show were these Oreo truffles that Elizabeth’s friend Elma put together. Hers looked a lot prettier then mine did, but here is my attempt at the same result. I put these together for fun but ended up serving them for my life group when they came over to my house. They were a big hit, no matter how messy they may have turned out. They were simple because of the ingredients, but tough because of melting chocolate! I got the recipe from food.com.



This was the toughest part for me since I don’t own a double broiler. I have always had the worst luck trying to melt chocolate in the microwave so I rigged up this contraption! I filled my pot with water and turned one of our veggie steamers in the water upside down. The bottom has three prongs that the glass bowl rested perfectly in. It took a little longer for the chocolate to melt, but it did happen!


You combine the Oreos, cream cheese, and vanilla in a food processor to make up the centers for these lovely treats. It ends up being like a chocolate dough which was a very easy consistency to work with. I went ahead and rolled them into their serving size rounds and stuck them in the fridge to harden up a bit. I think it helped them hold their shape through the dipping process. When the milk chocolate gets smooth enough I “forked” the round Oreo balls and dipped them in the chocolate. You can see how they turned out… a little messy, but tasty-looking, none the less!


The last step for me was melting the white chocolate. You would think…piece of cake! If I can melt milk chocolate, then white chocolate shouldn’t be much different. WRONG! It was a crazy messy process that I wasn’t prepared for.  For a reason unknown to me (feel free to enlighten me), the white chocolate did not like the melting process I used on the milk chocolate. I decided since I was going to be piping this across the top of the

completed truffles I would go for the microwave. If you remember I said my failure rate is 100% for melting chocolate in the microwave….this failure rate did not change one bit. It was a globby mess that was not even sort of a good piping consistency. Ugh!

No worries, this spontaneous, lets-give-it-a-try cook did something on a whim,

that ended up looking pretty amazing!
The white chocolate globs on the top of my truffles annoyed me so much and I wanted to take them off, but they become a swirly mess on the tops….that actually looked kind of cool. I decided to play around with the swirling idea and you can see that it was not a bad look for an alternative! I had to be careful when swirling because it started to take off some of the milk chocolate.

All this chocolate work makes me just appreciate the impressive work I see on the Food Network Shows all the more! I would love some tips and trick for working with chcolate so please feel free to give me some ideas of what works better/best for you!Hope you give these a try!


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