A Day at the Food Truck Fest

Hey all…been awhile since I posted. Life has been busy and I haven’t been cooking so much so I’ve had less to post about. BUUUUTTTT I have been eating out a lot and have a few posts planned to share some of those dining experiences.

One of those fun eating adventures was at the Food Truck Fest out in the Inland Empire . I’ve honestly only eaten at one food truck, I won’t name names, and wasn’t impressed at all. But with all the FT hype I figured it was type to round things up and try again. This round up had about 50+ trucks there to choose from so I did a little research and checked out the menus before we went since I’m a novice at this whole thing. It was kind of a lot of work but well worth it because I found some really great sites too for all you LA foodies out there… http://www.foodtruckmaps.com/la/

So, our favorite dish of the day was from  George’s Greek Truck for some Gyro Feta Fries….oh. my. word. These are de-lic-ious! I don’t even know how many calories we consumed from that scary plate but it was amazing and WELL worth it. If you enjoy lamb and feta cheese then this is worth a try! I’m a sucker for lamb so this was not hard to persuade me on. I can’t wait to track down this truck again in the future and get these again. Definitely a great plate to share since they are generous with their portions. I think I can speak for Hannah in saying that she liked these as well :)

One of the more interesting dishes we tried was from the Bacon Mania truck. It was also one of the longest lines we had to stand in! I couldn’t decide what to choose and don’t necessarily feel like we ordered the gem on their menu, but Bacon Balls sound to interesting now to try, right? They normally offer three varieties, but that day they only had peanut butter and jelly and mac and cheese wrapped in bacon. They were really delicious but  I felt like we may have missed out on a few yummy sandwiches/sides the truck had to offer. I looked at the menu before hand and saw that they have flash fried spinach. I guess they were not serving it that day, but one of these days I have to try that! I might start eating more spinach if it’s as good as it sounds!

Other tasty trucks we tried included Don Chow’s and the Lime Truck. Both of these truck featured street tacos. Don Chow had a pretty tasty pork taco…meat was a little try but the flavor was pretty good. Hannah bought herself the ultimate taco from the Lime Truck (one of many truck featured on the Food Network) which had chicken with a semi spicy sauce on it. She got the strawberry lime aid that was a welcome relief to the spice of the taco. I don’t know if I would go jumping to eat at either one of these places again, but I appreciate the freshness of the food and I think maybe the quality would go up if it wasn’t so busy of an event. 

One truck we really wanted to stop at was the Grill Cheese Truck. It is quite the rave around here and it had a line to prove it. Had we been smart, we would have started at that line. But we were pretty stinking hungry by the time we go there so waiting in an hour long line was not what we were in the mood for. We would have been sassy to each other by the time we go to the front…haha. irritable hunger is nothing to play around with :) The thing that discourages me the most is that it was literally a few blocks away from my house the day before. I decided not to go since I thought I would have enough time to go on Sunday. Fail…One of these days I will try it :)

Let’s see, we also tried the Munchee5 truck and got the little wontons filled with mac and cheese and tri tip. Awesome! I wish they had put a few more in there for the price, but pretty tasty little suckers. To wrap up or day of over eating we decided to sweeten things up…or maybe just I did. I stopped at a truck to get a caramel pecan cream puff which was pretty good.

And then the last thing I bought was to go and it was the peach cobbler in a jar from Suite 106 Cupcakery Food  Truck. The ladies from that truck just won Cupcake Wars on the Food Network and that little jar was something else! Oh man the frosting and peaches and everything was so amazing! I would love to try and make those at home, but I know I would not do it justice in the least.

Hoping to hit up a few more events like this one this summer. I’ll be adding a post very soon about some fun sites for foodies out there that I’ve stumbled upon and I’ll include a good site for finding food trucks and finding the round ups in your area.

Happy food trucking friends!

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