Big Breakfast Latkes Review

Recipe 11 from The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook by Deb Perelman

WW Notes: I’m happy to say that one of these big guys is only 4 points! So eat hardy!

I haven’t posted in a little while because I’m still figuring out the blogging from my phone situation.

I’m happy to report I actually find it easier since my pictures are on my phone anyways (behind the scenes spoiler…no fancy camera here!).

Even though the posts have been on a short hiatus I have still been cooking and have 2 more recipes done. I’ve been working on this post for awhile but I’ll try to get the other one done soon so we’re all caught up. More about oils to come in future posts. We have some positive responses to the oils we’re using around here so I’ll share those in the days ahead as well.

Okay, back to the food!

I honestly read through the instructions for this recipie and thought, “Nope….this is going to take way too long. I have no patience for squeezing the water out of potatoes this morning!”

Because…honestly…come on. Who has cheese cloth in their kitchen for wringing out potatoes? Not this novice cook.

I was stupid…or let’s say optimistic….enough to think I would find it at my local Wal-Mart grocery store where I make my weekly trips for groceries. Spoiler Alert…they don’t have it.

Also she wanted me to grate the potatoes and onions (before the wringing of course) with my food processor. Oh Deb….Deb Perelman….I don’t have the part I need for that function on my food processor! It got lost or discarded in one of the many moves I’ve participated in these past 5 years. So you want me to GRATE THE POTATOES and ONIONS by HAND over a box grater?!?!

My husband can attest to the exclamations and grumbling from the kitchen before I ventured out to the store to find cheese cloth and pick up some eggs for the recipe. “It’s for the blog,” I kept telling myself.

So, to my 2 or 3 loyal readers I freaking grated those potatoes and onions and wrung out those grated potatoes and onions!!!…in paper towels….but that’s not the point. The point is…I did it! For you. For resolutions getting resolved and for…us. We were hungry.

So, it was nose down and get to work missy! You got some mouths to feed!

All ranting aside, once I get that attachment for my food processor and some cheese cloth, I see myself making this a lot. It was really delicious!

I would even say you could sub out the fresh grated potatoes for frozen ones that are thawed out and get the same results of deliciousness! Sorry you’re probably going to have to still wring them out though.

I think the thing I loved about this recipe was the minimal ingredients it required. I had everything in my kitchen other then those pesky eggs, but that was a bit uncommon for our house. It’s the kind of tasty breakfast you could probably do at a moment’s notice if you also tend to have these things on hand.

One instruction that kind of threw me regarded the oil. Another outburst in the cooking process came when I read I was supposed to wait until the oil “shimmered” in the pan before adding in the potato mixture to start the latkes.

I’m stumped, friends.

I had never waited for my oil to “shimmer” before adding anything to the pan.

Can someone explain that to me? I took a picture of my pan of oil when I thought it got to shimmer status. So, judge for yourself I guess.

You can tell by the picture above that my first one doesn’t look as done. That’s because the potatoes stuck to the bottom of the pan and so it peeled off the yummy crispy side when flipping. It was still good but it made me have another reason for fussing that morning…of course :)

Don’t listen too seriously to all my complaining. This was a high maintenance but really delicious breakfast.

I told my husband that this would be a really fun breakfast to do with a bunch of people lined up helping grate onions and potatoes and frying eggs and latkes. It would be interesting to play around with adding flavor to the potatoes too.

A recipie win for sure but probably executed again in the future with frozen hash browns when I’m not in a “mood.”

Check out the recipe from Deb herself along with an interview done with her found on NPR’s website :

Big Breakfast Latkes Recipe

Happy cooking all!

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