Zucchini Ribbons with Almond Pesto Review

Recipe 19 from The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook by Deb Perelman

WW Note: With no modifications you’ll be able to have 1 portion for 3 points. I don’t see any reason to find substitutes but your points

Yum guys! This recipe is yum. 10 points and all the stars…you’ve got to try this one if you don’t have a nut or almond allergy!

The recipe was only a little time consuming with peeling the zucchini into ribbons but other then that the whole thing took me less then 20 min to make.

I purchased almonds from Aldi that we’re already toasted since that seemed like an step I could cut out.

Deb suggests you use a Y peeler on the zucchini but also says that any old peeler would do. Lucky for me because I didn’t have one (shocker, another kitchen tool I’m missing!)

The last…and first time I used a Y peeler was at my at my mom’s house a few weeks ago. I ended up peeling a layer of my finger tip off instead of staying just with the lemon rind I was working on. Yuck. I had a little post trauma flash backs working with the zucchini today but all was well. No more wounds!

I am lazy today and didn’t want to pull out my food processor so I just used my blender for the pesto. It was a decent substitute it just needed a little extra mixing when it came out since some of the almonds pieces didn’t get mixed in with the liquid very well.

But guys…this pesto is yummy! I could see myself making this and adding it to any veggie combo and it being a hit. It’s so tasty!

After the pesto is made you’re just mixing it by hand to combine and you’re ready to dig in!

I’m a big fan of this recipe! I almost gobbled the whole thing up as my lunch today. I felt like I needed a few oohs and ahhs from my husband so I left some for him to have later tonight!

Note that this is going to taste better freshly made because the zucchini hasn’t softened just yet and there is still a crunch to it. I’m sure it will tatse okay later after sitting, but I’m hoping for non mushy zucchini.

Enjoy this guys! Recipe can be found here from The Happy Foodie!

Happy cooking friends!

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