Sensory Goo Mats

I’ve been trying to come up with stuff to make for Ellie to play with in her high chair that’s not messy. When I saw these mat ideas on Pinterest I thought they would be a good solution and really fun to make. I wasn’t wrong.

As you can see, I attempted to make something like this for my daughter a little while ago using baggies, little fuzzy balls and hair gel. But it concerned me a bit that she puts everything in her mouth and the thing has the distinct 80s odor emitting from it. I keep feelings like the hair gel is going to leak out somehow or she’ll use her new teeth to take a bite out of it. I think I actually like the feel of the hair gel bag better, but this goo has the non toxic component so it was a win in case of punctures.

I used this recipe from HelloBee and it has great instructions to follow. She has some helpful pictures of her process making too that kept me on track and not freaking out about texture.

The extra piece I did that combined the hair gel play mats was edge the bag with fun Duck Tape and in this case, literal duck Duck Tape. I found the tape on Amazon and they have a bunch of fun patterns to choose from.

I made 3 different bags so we could use them in different places and unlike the gel baggie I double bagged before taping just to better insulate. In some ways it lost its fun from doing that but maybe when she’s older we can single bag these.

For the colors, I followed the suggestions on the food coloring box using the quantity of drops they suggest for dying eggs to get the colors I wanted. See if your box offers the same or just have fun with it.

I love making toys in the kitchen like this so this was right up my ally. My mom used to make play dough with us and I loved that so much as a kid! I’m going to do that for Ellie too at some point when she’s ready for it.

Give this a try if you have Littles of any age or even for yourself as a stress reducer. Something about squishing things can make a hard day better.

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