Tomato Scallion Shortcakes with Whipped Goat Cheese Recipe Review

Recipe 22 from The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook by Deb Perelman

WW Note: So, I don’t like modifications for baking because I don’t always know what to sub out to still get the same result. So the biscuits will cost you 7 points if your dough yields 8 biscuits. And your topping will be 2 points so a total of 9 points to enjoy one of these as is. And can I say just enjoy it! These are really stellar as is and it would kill me to encourage you to make modifications!!

I have been looking forward to this recipe since I bought the cookbook because this is the glorious recipe displayed on the cover! Cookbook covers sell me and when I saw this I just knew this book was the one I would make my way through, cover to cover.

I know I say this every few recipes but this one was awesome and a new favorite for us. It was actually really easy to do too. I managed to work on it while holding my daughter a bunch since she’s not feeling amazing this week and clingy as can be. So, the fact that I got pictures and it tasted good is a basic win.

I’m excited about Deb’s shortcake recipe more than anything.Those who follow along know I really enjoy making bread and this completely falls in that category but it’s such a quicker recipe to make them most breads! She calls them shortcakes but they are definitely biscuits and I am now super excited about doing the biscuits again!

They took hardly any time to put together but the one helpful tool you could use when making them is a pastry cutter.

You would think that I wouldn’t have one but I actually do because of making pie dough off and on. The pastry cutter is going to help you mix the cold butter cubes into your flour mixture. The cold butter helps with the flaky consistency that you get when making pie dough and essentially it seemed to be used the same way in this recipe. The exception is the denser result.

But don’t be fooled, because these biscuits were really moist and delicious and only took 15 min in the oven. It’s the kind of thing I would like to do for breakfast but put bacon in it instead. Sounds amazing right??

I don’t have a biscuit ring or cutter so, my go to is a Mason jar ring which also works pretty well. The only thing you can’t do is get hight because the ring has the lip on the top. I still manage to make it work…

…as you can see here…

…and here! Pretty aren’t they?? They actually held up really well and I was able to cut through them without crumbling apart when putting together the shortcakes.

My husband thought these were bruschetta like when I gave it to him next to grilled chicken and mashed potatoes for dinner. I told him no, but then thought, why not? That would be a fun way to dress up the tomato salad that goes on. Swap out the red wine vinegar dressing for simple olive oil, salt, pepper, basil and kalamata olives.

This feels like it doesn’t totally belong in the salad chapter because it feels more like an appetizer to me. Yet the biscuits make it feel a little too hardy to be an appetizer. I can tell you it made a lovely lunch for me yesterday and side to dinner last night.

One recommendation when whipping the goat cheese…I would have extra of the heavy whipping cream on hand. When I added the goat cheese in after it got to peaks, it was just a tad thicker then I wanted so I added in a little of the heavy cream unwhipped as I was using the hand mixer and that helped it along. You may not need that if you’re okay with the consistency.

These are so pretty aren’t they? I think it’s my new favorite recipe in the book! I’m dremaing up all the ways I can use this. It’s a fun and impressive little savory cake to put together.

You can find the recipe in Deb’s cookbook or here from Stephanie Cooks, or here from Culinary Covers.

Please give this one a try! Happy cooking friends!

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