Kale Salad with Cherries and Pecans Review

Recipe 23 from The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook by Deb Perelman

WW Notes: Okay, I’m sad to say that this salad comes to 9 points because of the pecans and the cherries. So if you chose to make the salad and not include the pecans or the cherries you could drop this salad down to 2 points.

Believe it or not I’m actually flying through the salad chapter. I have my 2 salads for this week done which means I have 4 more to go! My husband and I have enjoyed so many of these salads on the side of whatever I have planned for dinner but we’re also looking forward to the pizza chapter that’s coming up! It will be delightful to have pizza on the menu for so many nights.

I don’t know if you have Lazy Dog restaurants around where you live but this yummy salad reminds me of my go to salad I get from their menu. I know they have changed their menu recently so I’m not super sure if it’s still there but if you’ve had their Maggie Snake River salad, this recipe will definitely remind you of it.

Deb suggests that you purchase black kale (also known as Cavolo Nero, Lacinato, Dinosaur, or Tuscan Kale). I am doing Instacart a lot lately so I shopped around on there and couldn’t really find it so I opted for a kale I wouldn’t have normally chosen just to work with something different. According to the description from Whole Foods its purple kale.

It’s kind of different for a typical salad color but I find it very pretty. It basically matched the dried cherries so those were more like surprises when eating then a realized salad topping you put your fork in, to collect the perfect bite when tasting it for the first time. But those bursts of chewy sweetness cuts the typical bitterness of the kale.

You toast the chopped pecans which only takes a few minutes once the oven is to temperature. Deb has us using goat cheese again which is a happy new staple in our house. I kind of feel like the goat cheese is what makes this salad special and also adds the best tang to balance the bitter and sweet from the cherries and kale… you’re beginning to see how balanced this guy is…

I’m not sure what the radishes add other than crunch and color (can you tell I don’t like them). But she has radishes in the next recipe so I got to use up the whole bag thankfully not giving me a ton of leftovers. Because, honestly…what do you use them for??

Oh, I hope you give this guy a try. It’s deceptively more then your average salad. This guy has all the potential of a $15 salad on any restaurant menu. Tasty, colorful, and unique in flavor. It was pretty simple to put together. Just be ready for some chopping.

You can find the recipe here from Delicious Musings.

Happy cooking friends!

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