Sugar Snap Salad with Miso Dressing Recipe Review

Recipe 24 from The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook by Deb Perelman

WW Notes: If you section this salad up into 6 portions then you’ll be paying 4 points for it. If you go for for portions then you’ll pay 6 points for it. Not too bad for a pretty delicious salad.

Rounding the corner this week is salad recipe number 2 and another winner for the Mays.

A little more prep on this salad with the chopping and blanching of the peas but if you’ve got time to chop, this guy will hold up well even if you make it ahead of time.

That is the one nice thing about working with cabbage. You’re going to be able to put some time between prep and serving which means you’re not chopping like you’re in a race right before you plate dinner.

Favorite part of this recipe…I loved how she had you chop up the sugar snap peas to add them in. I know they have a lot of nutritional value but I’m kind of turned off by them when I see them in dishes like stir fry or salads. Chopping them up takes away the dislike I have for them because they are much easier to eat and the flavor is better appreciated when everything can be tasted together.

There are a lot of ingredients for this salad but most are going in the dressing. I had just about everything except for the miso and tahini, though I’m happy to welcome both to my stash and look forward to making a miso soup with the leftover miso and roasted eggplant dish with the tahini.

I found both the miso and tahini at Whole Foods thanks to Instacart. If you’ve never tried it before you can click on that link to sign up and we’ll both get a discount for you trying it out. I love it because it saves me time when shopping for some of my less common ingredients. I don’t always know where to find them but the app helps you discover which stores carry those ingredients or find out who is going to cost you more money!

That’s the basics :) It’s another colorful and pretty salad isn’t it. I love all the textures, flavors and colors that come in this salad. I served ours with dinner on the side of salmon. It paired well since I left the salmon basic with just salt.

This salad makes up enough for about 4 people if you’re going for hardy portions…or more, of course if it’s one of many things you have going out. My husband and I finished it off with no leftovers since I had a little for lunch after I made it then we split what was left for dinner.

I have one suggestion for something to add to this. I had some chopped pecans from the previous salad that I threw on mine as an after thought which is why they aren’t shown in the pictures. I really liked the added crunch and flavor from the pecans but I’m thinking sliced or slivered almonds would pair the best with this salad. Especially if you toasted them a bit. I think it would add the crunch and flavor the sesame seeds seem to make you think the salad is going to have.

I found Deb’s recipe already posted here at Cafe Carol for you to check out!

Happy Friday and happy chopping friends!!

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