Broccoli Slaw Review

Recipe 25 from The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook by Deb Perelman

WW Notes: so the two sub outs I see are for the buttermilk and the mayo. fat-free buttermilk and 1% buttermilk will cost you 2 points for the ingredient measurement. Fat-free Mayo will be 5 points and then light mail will be 10 points. So, ideally if you can find fat free Mayo you’ll be able to keep the points to 3 per serving which is 1 cup. If you’re just working with light mayo then it’ll go up to 4 points a serving.

And we continue to move along with 4 salads and counting. I was able to get my goal of 2 salads done again this week so if I have my act together we’ll be closing this chapter on salads next week! I’m ready for pizza!!

I have definitely made a version of this salad and bought the Costco version as well. Yet this one was a little different because of using sliced almonds and dried cranberries in place of sunflower seeds and raisins.

You would think that I wouldn’t make mistakes since I’ve done this before but it was that cockiness that caused me to make a few mistakes.

Mistake #1

I definitely didn’t read her instruction about putting the onion in the dressing and having it marinade for 10 minutes before mixing it into the dry ingredients. She says that it helps mellow out the onion by doing that. I suspect that it is beneficial but I noticed the same result by mixing the salad without doing that because the onions were still able to sit in the dressing before serving it with dinner. So, it’s possibly a timing preference depending on if you serve it right away or are preparing in for later on.

Mistake #2

I didn’t toast the almonds. This mistake was a little bit on purpose because I couldn’t turn my oven on. (SIDE NOTE…When we run the air conditioning and the stove at the same time we will blow a fuse. It was 90 degrees the day I made this and my daughter was sleeping which means mom doesn’t turn the oven on till she wakes up. Life guys…real life.)

I was ok not doing it but I think I missed the flavor it would have brought. So, if you can do it, toast the almonds.

We make our family version of this salad around holidays and we fondly call it the “broccoli salad”. We usually don’t put the onions in because of my dad’s aversion to them so it is nice to try it with them in!

This week we put this on the side of some black bean veggie burgers and it made a yummy dinner.

And lucky you Deb has the recipe right on her site so you can learn about it from her! Off you go!!

Happy cooking!!

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