Avocado Tartine with Cucumber and Sesame Seeds Review

Recipe 29 from The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook by Deb Perelman

WW Notes: This guy will cost you 6 points if you count avocado and 3 points if you don’t. Not too bad for a delicious sandwich!

I’m back! Sorry for the hiatus but moving kind of puts life on hold until you can push play again. I’m so glad to be back and cooking real food!

We lived on a lot of delivery and take out that last 2 weeks before moving because I needed to pack up the kitchen and wanted to keep things easy on myself. I was super excited to have my new kitchen unpacked and the refrigerator filled with yummy fresh food after we got moved in on the 11th. I feel like I have so much to write but I’ll keep it to this recipe and come up with another post about life updates.

So, one side note. Since we are in a new kitchen that has different lighting I’m going to be finding my way with pictures. I felt like I had it down at my old apartment but the natural lighting is wonky and dark here which means I’m relying on the recessed lighting..aka…not my favorite for picture taking. Yet, it is just going to push me to get creative and learn a little more about lighting.

So, new kitchen, new chapter and new categories of food. This tartine was delicious and fresh and exactly what we needed to help purge our bodies of the fast food ick we’ve been living off of for a long time.

Deb talks about this tartine being a nod to her favorite avocado cucumber sushi rolls from her vegetarian days. It has all the flavors you want but much easier to make instead of sushi.

It’s avocado season so I’m coming across some beautiful ones and had to take this picture! It’s like the perfect avocado!

So it’s pretty much cut, measure mix toast and assemble. It took hardly any time to put these together but it made for a refreshing lunch with some ice tea on the side.

You would think I could manage to complete this without a big mistake but alas I once again prove my blog name suits. I burnt the bread when toasting because my oven is more powerful then I’m used to. Bless gas ovens, but I’m used to not so good electric ovens. So, I’ve learned a bit this first week of cooking here! But a little butter knife and some scraping and we’re back in business!

This recipe looked really pretty and I felt like this would be a good lunch or appetizer for a casual gathering with friends and family. I think I have friends and family gatherings on the mind with the thoughts of having an open house/belated birthday party for my husband and then my daughter’s 1st birthday in July this summer.

I believe this little sandwich make a nice little addition the any summer menu that you have planned. It has the perfect kind of summer flavors and it’s pretty, green, fancy avocado toast so it is very invitingon any menu!

We live close to a Trader Joe’s now (cue angels singing!) and I’ve been wanting to pick up this seasoning from TJ’s for a long time since I’ve heard so many good things about it. I actually think you can skip on buying the sesame seeds (both white and black) and just use this guy. I think it actually tasted a little better on top than just the sesame seeds by themselves. Of course it’s gonna feel like avocado toast with an everything bagel topping but who can go wrong with that!

Find the recipe here or here!

Enjoy and happy sandwich making!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Alicia says:

    Looks so yummy! I might have to make this myself!

    1. Jessica M says:

      I would highly encourage that :)

  2. mistimaan says:

    Lovely recipe

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