Emmentaler on Rye with Sweet and Sour Red Onions Review

Recipe 31 from The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook by Deb Perelman

WW Notes: There’s not many ways around it…this is just going to be a higher point sandwich. Trust me I tried swapping out a few different things in a few different ways and the lowest I could get the sandwich was 12 points.

If you use the recipe as is it will cost you 20 points for one sandwich so I guess maybe that is a good reduction. The things you can swap out our butter and bread.

For bread, swap out to a one point per slice bread. It probably won’t be a rye bread so that changes the sandwich a bit but you do come down 5 points between the two sandwiches just by that change alone.

The other thing you’re going to want to swap out is the butter. If you go for a light butter and a reduced point bread it drops to 15 points a sandwich. If you go for I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter and a reduced point bread that’s what gets you the 12 points per sandwich.

I think the sandwich is pretty stellar on its own but I don’t know if I would spend 20 points on it. It gives me a little bit of hope to see it come down 12 points.

You can find the recipe on these sites:

Tiny Kitchen Recipes

The Ruby Spoon

This was a delightfully delicious yet simple sandwich to make. I’m always appreciative of recipes that allow me to cook at my own pace versus be on an quick time table because cooking with a kiddo means there’s no predictability as to when your attention and hands will be free. This was a mommy friendly recipe :)

The ingredients are simple and you’ll likely have everything you need other then maybe the cheese, onion and rye bread. But honestly, enjoy this on any bread you have on hand. I had to make a couple trips to find rye bread which is harder to come by apparently.

I ended up finding the emmentaler at Aldi and the rye bread came from our local farmers market. It was a lot better of a rye than what I would have bought at a store anyways. This was not strong on the rye flavor…and that works fine for me since I cringed when I saw she had the sandwich on rye. Not one of my favorite breads. I kind of think you could use another bread and it would taste just as good.

Cooking the onions were a nice slow process that allowed me to keep an eye on them and leave them to do their thing while I fed my daughter lunch. Win! I think I tend to over complicate any kind of fancy onions and end up on a burger or sandwich thinking it will take forever, but this was a nice simple recipe for making a sweet and sour or caramelized onion.

I made a modification with the balsamic since I didn’t have any more. I opted to use the Sherry vinegar that I used in one of her previous recipes since I have plenty left. I think it essentially gave the onions the same kind of flavor but it’s possible they may not have been as jammy since the balsamic is thicker. They still had a great flavor.

My new stove has this really amazing long burner that runs down the middle which would normally just be a bear stove top. That means it works perfectly for my long grill pan and it’s my new favorite surface for grill cheese! I am using my grill pan a lot more then I did before because this stove embraces my kitchen stuff a little more.

That’s about it! How yummy does a sandwich look? It was really subtle and gooey and tangney and delicious and not the typical grill cheese that I’m used to. The flavors were almost so subtle that I felt like it needed something else. I noticed one of Deb’s tips said that it goes really well with pricutto or bacon and I’m thinking that might be the flavor I was missing.

Please give this guy a try. Don’t be scared off by the emmentaler cheese…it’s a swiss cheese so get a block of any swiss and grate that instead.

Find the recipe here or here and dive right in!

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