Linguine with Cauliflower Pesto Review

Recipe 41 from The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook by Deb Perelman

Okay so I made this one just long enough ago that you won’t be getting my freshest thoughts about this recipe and for that…I apologize. #momlife is real and well intentioned plans like blogging go up in smoke on a daily basis. I’ve learned to gel with it and for that I’m glad this is a hobby and not a career with deadlines. That would quickly take all the fun out of it!

That being said, I do vividly remember how this guy tastes and I honestly don’t know if I would make this again.

The cauliflower pesto worked… for the most part…when it came to the fresh version. But guys…be warned this makes up a good size and I’m eating smaller portions these days because of joining Weight Watchers so we literally had leftovers for a week and I think I tossed the rest after reheats and age made me think better of having it a 4th time.

I think the texture of the cauliflower was weird for me. I like cauliflower but this didn’t really do it for me. I did love the flavor if the almonds, garlic, parm and capers in the pesto. It helped give it a distinct crunch.

And it was really easy to put together because it’s not heavy in the cooking department. More chop, stir, boil and assemble. So, it wins for a quick and easy recipe.

I think my daughter was okay with it too so it might even be a toddler friendly food.

I think I bought fettuccine which is why I listed it as an ingredient insteadof linguine (…also it’s sherry vinegar not red wine vinegar). I got mine at Trader Joe’s and it had herbs in the dough. Tasty!

That’s kind of it. This one had good flavors but if textures can bother you, this may not be a fav.

Like always give it a try and see for yourself! You can find the recipe both here and over here and lastly here.

For my WW peeps, this makes 6 servings and each one is 12 freestyle points. Not too bad for a pasta dish. I bet a few things could be modified to lower that a point or 2 as well.

Okay, happy pasta making!

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