Leek Fritters with Garlic and Lemon

Recipe 43 from The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook by Deb Perelman

I am happy to say that this recipe is actually more waistline friendly then the last few were so for my WW peeps out there (ugh to the new name…consumer panels are your friends Weight Watchers!)… this is for you. These come out to 1 point a piece but not counting the oil it is fried in. If you’re like me and don’t count olive oil…1 point a piece :)

Now she calls for sour cream but non-fat greek yogurt is 0 points on WW so I subbed it out. It’s a really tasty sauce and I figured I would make it again to put it on other things.

I found my leeks…2 to a pack, trimmed and ready for me, at Trader Joes. I bought 3 packages to get the right amount so, 6 total.

Everything else is pretty straight forward. The leeks could require a bit of your time if they are dirty. I saved the water the leeks were cooked in and I think I’ll make a soup with it. It just seemed too good to go down the drain.

And remember that pesky cheese cloth I complained about getting a handful of recipes back?? Well, I’ve used it more then a few times and it was excellent for this recipe too.

The leeks cook for a short while then are transferred to the cloth to squeeze out all the water. A dish towel will work too no doubt.

I had my husband help with the squeeze because I needed the muscle to wring it all out.

The garlic lemon greek yogurt/sour cream was really delicious! I will make this again as a dipping sauce for other stuff like tacos.

These came together and browned so much better then the last time I made fritters. I’m still not sure why those fell apart but these reminded me i’m not a total failure.

I told my husband you could add some hashbrowns to this like we did for the latkes recipe and you would make a lot more. That would change things for the WW crew but maybe not too badly.

I strongly encourage you to give these a go! You can find Deb’s recipe here and enjoy them for yourself!!

Happy fritter making!!

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