Jacob’s Blintzes or Sweet Potato Blintzes with Farmer’s Cheese Review

Recipe 44 from The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook by Deb Perelman

WW Note: So this one can come out to 5 points a blintze if you sub out butter for ICBIN Butter. But then you’re also cooking it in butter…it’s actually hard to say. But 5 is at least the base before cooking is complete so add butter as you use it. Good luck with that!

Guys this recipe really should have been less stressful then it ended up being. And now that I think about it I could have done it much differently to easy the headless chicken craze I felt. I was trying to literally race the sun so my picture would turn out okay so that’s part of what made me feel hurried. That and the sweet potatoes took a lot longer then 40 min to cook through and ended up requiring some time in the microwave to finish off.

Deb talks about how you can make the crepe mix ahead of time and pull it out day of. If you’re able to plan such a thing, do that. I would even say make the filing ahead of time too so on blintze making day you’re more streamlined.

This is my first time making crepes so I pretty much tried every pan in the house to see which worked best…spoiler alert….turns out it was less about the pan and more about butter. The mix was simple but make sure you have plenty of eggs on hand since this one takes up 8 between the crepe mix and filling. Costco eggs to the rescue!

I loved using the blender for the mix and thought that might actually be a good idea for pancakes too. It would be easy to pour when the time came to make them…I’ll have to see if that works or messes up the batter.

The batter is to cool in the fridge for an hour before using so if you make it before putting the sweet potatoes in the oven (if you’re doing the all-at-once-method like I did) then your timing will be just right because the potatoes need to cool a bit before you can peel them.

I was a little over eager to peel my potatoes so I did it when they were still pretty hot. Thus the hand towel that made it possible to hold them.

She suggests using a potato ricer (don’t have one) or a potato masher (also don’t have one) but I used my meat mallet to help squish them down. My husband did most of the heavy mashing for me. Good stress relief!

Okay, this is where things got chaotic for me. NOTE…It made me grumpy that I lost my light and was inwardly criticizing myself for not having made these for lunch. So, bare with these next few photos….I took left overs to shoot the end product picture because my end product late at night was lousy….let’s just say pics are average for this post….but I digress.

Where was I?? Oh right….chaos…I had 3 pans on the range trying to figure out which one was the best to try to keep the delicate crepe from sticking. She says to brush the bottom of the pan with melted butter and then pour in 1/4 cup of the mix. I did that in each pan and only had one great one. Every other ripped or stuck to the pan. I decided I didn’t want to clean the pan after every crepe I made (yes, I was doing that) so I decided to try more butter which was kind of a fluke…mostly because she said brush melted butter in the pan before adding the batter, and I was now out of the melted butter. I decided to cut some off and put it in the pan, then use the brush to sweep it around the bottom before adding in the batter. The result: a very buttered pan bottom. And that worked like a charm! More butter was the game changer. Those things came right out of the pan. After I figured that out it went seamlessly.

I used my smallest pan to make it happen and the batter was a little thick so the crepes came out more tortilla like then crepe thin.

So, definitely a larger pan next time would fit that amount of batter per crepe better or use 1/8 cup instead and see how it goes. And yes, I even used my Dutch oven because it’s the only non stick pan I have.

Deb gives you great instructions on how to roll them but if you’ve rolled a burrito or egg roll you’ll be fine. That’s what they kind of look like.

They end up back on your “crepe pan” or in my case the Dutch oven worked great. You’re browning both sides in more butter and then putting them in the oven at 200 to stay warm.

Phew…I was exhausted after making these. I told my husband this would have been fun if I had a person manning each station. One making crepes, one filling them, and one cooking the blintzes. The sweet potato cheese mixture made me think of a Thanksgiving treat so this could be a yummy thing to do when you have family over around the holidays using left over sweet potatoes. You could delightfully skip baking the potatos and use those delicious remnants instead.

A few notes about 2 ingredients.

  • I did not know what Farmer’s cheese was so I looked it up. Not easy to find but fairly easy to make. I decided to use a substitute since I was fortunate to have some part- skim ricotta on hand. But it would be fun to make one day. It requires a lot of milk and ends up yielding a lot of whey but I would be a fun thing to make with kids. Look up some videos and give it a try.
  • I went to 3 different grocery stores but couldn’t find cranberries!! So I can’t tell you how the cranberry syrup turns out because I used some of my homemade raspberry jam instead. A few of the grocers I talked to said they just didn’t have them in yet. I bet sometime in October they might make an appearance. If I think of it, I’ll get some when I see them and come back and write a review on that…for now the mystery holds!

You can find this recipe here and give this guy a try. Deb also has a recipe for cheese blintzes on her blog you can check out if you don’t care for sweet potatoes.

She says it’s a simple recipe so maybe believe her over me. Now that I know how to make crepes this wouldn’t be such a bear to do. I may try those cheese ones next time though!

My husband and daughter enjoyed them with apple butter on them as well. I made a good sized batch of apple butter we’re putting on everything these days and it paired wonderfully with these too.

I think that’s it. Rounding out September with a few more recipes done. Hope you’re trying these out!

Happy blintze making everyone!

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