Corn Risotto Stuffed Poblanos Review

Recipe 45 from The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook by Deb Perelman

WW Note: You’ll be able to get one pepper for about 5 points when you get 11 portions out of this vs 8. I had left over risotto so I’m guessing you can get 11 portions out of this no problem. These portions are generous so if you went for 2 peppers you would be quite stuffed. Just make sure to use non-fat greek yogurt instead of sour cream. Also be sure to use short grain rice like Deb mentions because it’s lower in points then long grain rice and is really the kind of rice that’s meant for use with making risotto.

I have nothing but glowing reviews for this guy! This quickly became one of our favorites because the flavors were amazing and it was a great warm and hardy meal for this fall weather we’re FINALLY having.

This recipe will take you some time and you need to give it attention because it’s risotto and it’s high maintenance. I’ve never made it before but the patience needed for risotto is something I’ve known about and is also probably the main reason why I’ve never made it! For the WW members checking out this recipe you should be able to use all ingredients as is without many modifications, just be sure to use 0 point veggie or chicken stock and then fat free greek yogurt.

Deb gives instructions for how to char the poblanos via a gas range or broiler. However if you want to keep the skins on she encourages you to do that as needed and save a step. I think the char flavor got into the peppers and made it taste really good but it would really cut some time to skip it this step if you needed to.

The reason risotto is so high maintenance is because you’re adding in your stock 1/2 cup at a time and you have 6 cups of stock to get through. You’re also stirring it pretty consistently and waiting for the rice to absorb all the liquid you’re adding in. It will take you 30 mins or so for you to get all the stock in the rice. The slow addition helps the rice cook gradually so it’s not over done by the time the stock is all added.

I ended up using some frozen roasted corn from Trader Joes which was a yummy addition and added more flavor to the dish but you’re also able to use fresh corn as well. You’ll add the corn in at the end and she encourages you to not completely finish off the risotto but leave it a tad creamy so it’s easier to stuff the peppers with. I’ve always felt like risotto is creamy so I guess I don’t know what she’s talking about :)

One more tedious task is removing the skins from the peppers. This actually took me more time then I thought it would because we didn’t get all the sides as charred as they needed to be to help lift the skin. But I didn’t have to do it alone. My hubby was a big help with this step and I think he had fun with it too!

Once the peppers are skinned and deseeded you’re ready to start stuffing them with you warm risotto. They only take a few minutes in the oven to help melt the cheese you added to the top. The cream sauce on the top is a nice addition though really okay to skip if you didn’t want to bother with it. It helps make them a little more attractive so there’s that if you’re into presentation.

My husband and I ate off of these for at least 3 or 4 meals. We had them on the side of a really yummy pumpkin soup I made the next night and they complemented each other well. It was a little more sophisticated addition then the grill cheese I usually make to accompany soup.

This would be a great dish for a crowd or even a side dish to your next fiesta with yummy Mexican food. They heat up really well in the microwave so left overs are a win.

Give these a try! I think you’ll really enjoy them. You can find the recipe all over the place because others wanted to give it a try too! Check it out from these 3 sites:

Blueberries and Basil

Pink Parsley

Cook Like a Champion

Happy pepper stuffing everyone!

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