2019 Goals February Check In

I desire accountability in my life…sometimes. But this feels like a safe place to do it since I’m mostly keeping myself accountable. I’ve decided that I would jump on here the beginning of each month…Lord willing…and give an update on how my 2019 goals are looking so far that point in the year. As a refresher…here is the original post about my 2019 goals or if you would rather…the abbreviated version looks a little like this:

  1. Make space for discernment with God on behalf of family and all that seems to be going on regarding our move.
  2. In January loose the holiday weight I gained (approximately 10 lbs) and then moving forward I would like to see a 5 lbs loss a month.
  3. Have weekend conversations with my husband on Important Topics under the categories of Marriage, Parenting and Money…choosing one topic a weekend to focus on. The 4th weekend will be about Fun which = date nights!
  4. Do 1 recipe a week from The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook to get closer to the end…meaning shoot for 52 recipes but be okay with 32 because of budget and busy :)
  5. Discerning a Word that this year might be about as lead by the Holy Spirit. I’m coming off a few years of my word being ‘Savor’ and feel like there’s a new word or phrase to attach to this next year.

Okay so here’s how all those goal are going:

  1. This has been less on my radar the further into the month we’ve gotten. I think I’ve made space to discern about this blog and my Instagram account…of course…but less time has been made to hear from God about our move. Part of that might be because we still don’t feel like we know much more and continue to sit in anticipation of moving this year or next. It’s possible the month of February holds some of those answers but I honestly don’t have a clue. That being said…moving or not…this is a practice I deeply desire to develop as a routine. I still don’t know how to do that necessarily but would love your feedback if you have some ideas. I have spiritual direction about once a month for myself which is a welcomed space of spiritual discernment for me, though the topics vary. I’m grateful for that, but also would like to see a more daily space carved out for listening and prayer. This past week I put my phone down while I walked one day during nap time (getting in those steps, ya’ll). It ended up feeling like a prayer walk for me and I spent the time praying for us…for my daughter, friends of ours whose marriage is on my heart, and then ended up asking Alexa to play a song that came to mind and used that as a prayer. It was such a sweet time that I want to re-create. I told myself to walk and talk to God for 15 min and I ended up going a lot longer because I had a lot to talk about. That may be my sweet space…I’ll report back next month how it’s going.
  2. Everyone…I did it! I lost the holiday weight! I can’t believe it. It actually came off pretty quickly in the first 2 weeks of the month but then my body decided to do one of it’s infamous 10 day plateaus which lead to some discouragement and bad eating. That bummed me out but I made it and I’m proud of it for sure! Now for 5lbs this February…the lower points is getting tougher to stay in but boy will it feel good to get away from this number…I haven’t seen below it since probably college!
  3. This is another area of success this month. We had a really productive conversation about our budget for this year and I’m excited to say it’s the first time in probably forever that we’ve gotten though a budget discussion without getting upset with each other over something. I think we’ve figured out how to do it in a way that works for us (I’ll probably post about that later) and I’m thrilled. Our weekend about Marriage was centered around reading a little further in the book, How We Love. We’re going through that book so slowly because we stop and discuss about every other page or so… and it’s rich conversation but ooft. The end is not in site just yet. Our week on parenting_______________________________________ And our date night ended up being spent with friends celebrating birthdays and it was just great fun being with others in that space since a lot of times we miss or have to bring our daughter along and if you’re a parent you understand that it’s completely different having kids at a more adult dinner. I love love LOVE this new idea because it relieves my brain of feeling like we’re not talking about important topics or just fixated on one. I can let stuff go a lot easier knowing we’ll have space carved out to talk about it. My husband is on board and I think this makes him feel less overwhelmed to take it one bite sized chunk at a time vs…all.the.things. Oh oh oh…I’m a 1!
  4. Well I’ve completed 2 of 52 recipes this month so 2 shy of the goal, but budget dictated the need to put some on hold. The halibut took a big chunk of our food budget away and I’ve been juggling money around in other budgets to make up for my overspending. Whoopsie. Husband knows about it and he agreed postponing the next 2 was a good idea. So, if the budget allows…MAYBE…I’ll pick those 2 up this month but we’ll see. Just depends on what I need to buy. Still…moving along!
  5. I think I’ve landed on a phrase. People…it really actually is the phrase I was hoping it would be and that is…”let it go.” Not Frozen style, but Enneagram Type 1 style. It’s been really really good for bringing up to that internal critic when I start feeling anxious about stuff going on around me. The phrase pops up (thank you Holy Spirit…I see what you’re doing there) and I internally pause for a second and everything almost freezes…I realize that no one is going to die if my worry is not worried enough or if that task doesn’t get accomplished or if I keep my mouth shut about some pithy injustice in my little world….it’s all going to be okay…take a breath and let it go and keep moving. Oh my. You don’t even know how helpful this phrase has been to me so far. Adopting it as a phrase of the year feels really good and really important in my process of learning how to mellow out a bit. I hope to have some golden stories to share along the road to this 2019 phrase.

That’s it all. Check back the beginning of next month for the next post to see how I’m doing with these 5 things. Oh…and can I add one? Of course I can. This is my list.

6. Develop 1 recipe a month totaling 12 at the end of the year. I am soooooo new to this and feel my novice status being slapped on this new area too, but I really want to grow in my creativity in the kitchen and would love to see what kind of original thought I have in my brain for developing recipes. I’m learning a lot from so many wonderful chefs…I just feel like I want to challenge myself to try to develop my own recipes too.

Alright…that’s really it :) Cheers to February! Hope it’s a good month for you!

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