Weekly Meal Plan February Week 1

(Note: photos credit belongs to the original poster of recipes (see links below)).

Another week, another meal plan. How did your meal planning go last week? I like this accountability scheme that I have set up for myself and again the only thing that’s keeping my brain sane is the Prepear App! Tell me what you think if you tried it out. I got one convert this week who had the same reaction…this is a game changer. Her and her husband will be able to get on there together since the both share cooking responsibilities…she can post the recipes that she wants to use and he can jump on and refer to them. They are going to use the same log in to achieve that so I’m hopeful it works for their rhythm.

Last week I switched a few things around and ended up saving a few meals for this week because my husband had 3 nights out for work I wasn’t expecting when I sat down to plan. I ended up eating off of last week’s chili recipe for a few days…no regrets…and it has helped me stay in my WW daily points really well this week.

This week I’m shopping for SUPERBOWL!! Our family gets together every year with a pretty impressive spread to watch the game. I was charged with desserts…so I tried for a few WW friendly and (for the non-dieters…) a few non WW friendly desserts you’ll see below. I’ll post how they turn out next week! Who are you rooting for this Superbowl??



  • Superbowl….with family. Watch your points, lady!





  • Chicken Sausages


  • Turkey Kilbasa….something….maybe with egg roll wrappers? TBD

So what are you planning to cook this week??

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Danielle Anderson says:

    Here is my latest go-to Kielbasa recipe.
    I leave off the cheese and use a whole onion. Last time I also added some rainbow carrots. It’s basically just roasted vegetables with Kielbasa mixed in, so there are lots of possibilities!

    1. Jessica says:

      Oh, that’s perfect! Thank you ma’am. Adding that to Prepear!

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