February Week 3 Meal Plan

This weekend we are together with family which is why this post is later and why we have nothing planned for this weekend because even if we are home for dinner tomorrow night, we’ll likely have leftovers  :) so I am covered.

This week’s menu is a really good example of what happens when you over plan for the previous week or stuff comes up that requires you to move meals around. Another reason I LOVE the Prepear app. I can just select the meal I want to move and easily move it to the day I want. If you’re looking for a meal planning app, try Prepear and see if it works for you and your family.

Another feature of this week is utilizing the freezer. We’re running out of money folks! Budget is tight these last 2 weeks of February but I’m rising to the challenge and making this “raid the freezer” week. And that’s what you’ll see in the last few days. I have no idea what next week will be but I’ll share when we get there!

Tell me what’s on your menu this week!
  • Family Time

  • Family Time

  • Boujee Chicken Salad (dward Cooks)…never got around to it last week so I’ll make it for lunches this week

  • Kirkwood Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tender Filets (Aldi)..7 points each… With Salad

  • Bibigo Steamed Dumplings (Costco) with quinoa

  • Girls Night! Hubby is on his ow…AKA, I’ll be making him Skinny Pizza with 2 Ingredient Dough.

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