Mustard Milanese with an Arugula Fennel Salad Review

Recipe 56 from The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook by Deb Perelman

WW Note: So this will cost you 7 points if you don’t count the oil. I think it’s amazing for what you get and I’m not recommending any modifications because it’s just tasty as is!

This recipe can be found at the following sites:

We Are From The Farm

Alexandras Savory Kitchen

Elsie’s Kitchen 101

I really liked this recipe! It looks impressive doesn’t it? I love how it turned out both in look and taste.

I stretched this into a two-day process, cutting the chicken and breading it yesterday and then cooking it today for lunch. Deb says you want the breading to set so I went with the longer version she suggests because I had the time.

The ingredients are nice and simple and the only technical part of this is cutting the chicken breast in half.

I loved this method of making chicken cutlets because they were perfect for cooking quickly. Unlike Deb Perelman I actually like chicken breast and eat them a lot because WW lists it as a zero point food when it’s boneless and skinless. I’m always looking for new ways to make them and I will definitely add this to my list.

I have never tried to butterfly chicken breast before so I’m pretty happy with the results. The top parts of the chicken ended up looking pretty good but the bottom parts were a little wonky. I was okay with that in the end because it makes for smaller portions.

Breading chicken intimidates me. Every time I try to do it I mess it up. By the te I’m done cooking the breading seems to be falling off…if it hasn’t already fallen off in the oil! I don’t know how people that make good fried chicken actually do it. This recipe had you do the breading for the chicken and then put it in the refrigerator for 1 to 24 hours so that the breading can set. I let mine said overnight because we were going to have it the next day for lunch and I think that might be a really good tip if you’re like me and have terrible success with breading chicken.

Notice my set up there works just fine with my dinner plate ebut here’s a little plug for my new Pampered Chef business.

Take a look at this Coating Trays & Tools below! How awesome are these? For $24 you get these trays that are perfect for breading chicken. The trays are even microwave safe so you can use them for melting chocolate and coating desserts like truffles, fruit and pretzels. Since the trays lock together you don’t have to worry about a mess as you move one piece of chicken or fish from one tray to the next. The tongs come with the trays and help hold the chickenor dessert items to keep your hands clean! I wish I had these when making my chicken! My hands were sooo not clean.

Just click on the picture below if you’re interested in checking it out or purchasing it from my online store!

Back to our regularly scheduled program… Breading the chicken this way was very successful, as you’ll see in the pictures below. Though messy messy. I think I washed my hands 4 times before I finished.

And success report… the breading did not flake off in the oil and did not come off once it began to cool. That’s a victorious first for me!!

Oil…I did as she suggested and added a combination of olive oil and vegetable oil. I think that did a lot for the flavor because the chicken didn’t taste fried…just breaded. I don’t know if that makes sense but you know when you’ve had greasy breaded food you’re kind of like… “yuck”… because the oil flavors the food. I’m thinking it’s a combo of these oils that seem to make it okay.

Let’s talk about the salad. I don’t think that you need to include the fennel but if you like fennel then go for it. Mind you this is not the fennel fronds it’s the fennel bulb which I don’t think has much flavor to it but does add a nice crunch.

The mustard dressing goes on the salad and then she recommends putting a little on the chicken before adding the salad on top. I think that’s a good idea because it helps give flavor to the chicken too.

It sure is a pretty dish isn’t it? I think it’s actually fairly easy to pull together for entertaining or a quick weeknight supper. The whole process of cooking takes no more than 7 minutes a batch so it comes together quickly after the chicken’s breading has set. She says you can cook it as soon as an hour after it’s breaded so you could do it the day of as well and not wait a day like I did.

Another great one for this chapter! Add this one to your list if you are a WW person because you will find it’s a very lovely go to. I’m really excited because it’s also leftovers tonight for dinner. And guess what I’m going to go do right now :)

Happy breading everybody!

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