March Week 1 Meal Plan

This is a shorter cooking week for us because my husband and I are getting away for the weekend so I only have to plan through Thursday 😁 We didn’t get to do the Black Bean and Beef Green Chili Bake because of a double date with my sister (yay for saving points to enjoy Olive Garden!)….so that’s back on the menu for Monday night. 

BUT before Monday, you’ll see the recipes I’ve been working on for the past few days in preparation for our Cookbook Club we’re hosting today! I’ve been brining chicken and pressing tofu and drying chicken and chopping shallots, and making cookies…all in prep for a timely assembly today. Can’t wait to share more…too busy to stop and post but jump on my Instagram today. I’ll be posting some stuff…mostly in my  stories…about the goings on. 

We’ve all chosen recipes from the cookbook Genius Recipes from Food 52 and we should have just about all chapters represented. Should be an interesting but tasty meal!

What’s on your menu this week??





  • Leftovers



  • Leftovers

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