Harvest Roast Chicken with Grapes, Olives and Rosemary Review


Recipe 58 from The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook by Deb Perelman

WW Note: This is another one of those chicken recipes that kind of baffles me. It’s supposedly 24 points per serving. And the three pounds of chicken makes up 4 portions. I don’t really know what other ways to swap this out other than doing boneless skinless chicken breast. If that’s the case I would skip a few steps because I’m afraid my chicken would dry out. The exception to that would be if you brine your chicken breast for a significant amount of time before you got the recipe started. I would feel more sure about the cooking process if there’s moisture packed in those guys that would hold up. If I were to make a brine for this recipe I would probably use garlic and rosemary in it. If you went that direction then all you would be counting is the cup of Kalamata olives the dry white wine and the olive oil if you count that. That brings the whole dish down to 12 points (sans OO) so then 4 points a serving! Well worth it I would say!

This recipe can be found at the following sites:

Serious Eats


Today’s Parents

Every time I think Deb has reached a peak in this cookbook I start a new recipe and realize I haven’t even reached the summit!

The last chicken recipe was amazing but this one may blow it out of the water :-)

My husband and I both use the word ‘decadent’ while eating this not realizing the other had said the same thing! We don’t talk about food like that around here… which is probably me bashing my cooking but it’s truth!

I believe her combinations of the rosemary, olives and grapes elevates this chicken dish in a way that is hard to explain.

And once again I love that her recipe waa simple. It took me hardly any time at all to get it ready. There was no cutting grapes or olives so that saved time and the only thing I really had to cut was the shallot.

But now I have this fantastic knife from Pampered Chef that’s a game-changer and made slicing it thin go so much quicker than usual. Other Pampered Chef items I used to help me simplify the prep were my handy 1 and 2 cup silicone prep bowls that made it quick to measure and pour because of the measurement markers. I love those guys too because they come with lids!

Also…that rad measuring spoon is doing what you think it is…just sitting on the countertop. Not tipping over! I placed it on the counter like that and filled it up as is which is the first time I’ve ever done that with a measuring spoon! They are also narrow enough to fit into spice jars so I was sold after I saw that!

Okay…back to the recipe! the ingredients are simple and that’s what makes this dish one of those back-pocket-amazings that you need to have for when people come over. I got the chicken in a bulk pack at Costco and used 2 of the 6 that they gave me to get this dish completed.

Deb recommends using a 12-inch cast iron skillet and I would agree with that. Before I started this cookbook I did not have cast iron skillets but she kept talking about them in her recipes and then using them… of course… which meant I was having to find modifications for a lot of the recipes we were doing. I caved and bought some from Amazon and I’ve been so grateful for them because I use it for more than just the recipes from this cookbook.

Now…I’m a Pampered Chef consultant so I probably shouldn’t be telling you that but I also don’t think I’ll ever get rid of a cast iron skillet :-)

If you want something comprable from Pampered Chef I would suggest looking at some of our Rockcrok items. Those pieces can go from the stove top to their slow cooker base, to the freezer to the refrigerator… under the broiler or in the microwave…everywhere. They can stand up to 750 degrees and….extra bonus…they are dishwasher safe! The only thing is they don’t really have anything that’s high-sided and 12in so I’m not sure how to do this recipe with them. I may try something out and share later :-)

I was lucky and already had grapes and Kalamata olives in the refrigerator which is a rare occurrence. And I had to buy Rosemary from the store but it ended up in my garden so I’m a happy girl since I killed my first plant.

The most time-consuming / labor-intensive part of the recipe is searing the chicken. 5 minutes on each side in two batches took 20 minutes. After that, all the chicken ends up back in the pan and you add the grapes, shallots and olives before it goes in the oven at 450 for 20 minutes to finish cooking.

You’ll remove the chicken, olives and grapes and leave the remaining juices and remnents to make the pan sauce. You then stir in the wine and the chicken stock and reduce it down as you scrape up the pan to combine the little yummy bits at the bottom.

When that reduces down to about half you will just drizzle it over the chicken, grapes and olives and serve! It’s really that simple!

Gosh isn’t it so delicious looking?! I just can’t get over how pretty it is and tasty it is! I have more than enough chicken to do this one again and my in-laws are coming over this weekend to celebrate my father-in-law’s birthday a little bit so I think we may be doing this again very soon!

And don’t let the grape and olive combination weird you out too much. The flavors of the two of them give you the sweet and the salty and with the chicken and the rosemary and the olive oil it all just melted together so beautifully with flavors. I think that’s what made it so decadent for us…the complexity of flavors in the dish! It’s not usual for me to get that much flavor on our table when I’m focusing on eating so healthy :-)

Try this one! I’m not even telling you that you should probably try it or try it if you want. I’m just telling you to try it! You will thank Deb or creating such deliciousness and you might thank me in return for introducing you to this recipe :)

Get to it!!

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