Pork Chops with Cider, Horseradish and Dill Review

Recipe 59 from The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook by Deb Perelman

WW Note: I’m happy to say that one of these pork chops is 9 points and pretty much all the points are coming from that! So if you don’t like pork, this one won’t excite you but if you like it, you’ll probably like adding this flavorful chop to your list!

This recipe can be found at the following site:

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I had another quick, easy and tasty recipe this week! I’ve been lucky 3 weeks in a row because the next 2 feel like a challenge. Vacation over!

I am an average fan of pork chops….or rather pork chops I make! I’ve had amazing pork chops from nicer restaurants that I still think about (Splashes in Laguna Beach, I’m talking about you!!) but I have always struggled with getting the cook time right.

It was no exception here because I also struggled to get it right but there was so much flavor that it covered all my flaws! Also having a meat thermometer took the pressure off!

I purchased these chops at a local chain grocery store because I wanted to save our money on good meat for the next 2 recipes (short rib and brisket) so this worked out well that I found some on sale. They were a great size and satisfying in the end.

The basics of the recipe are season, sear, make sauce, add back pork and simmer to finish before serving. I was able to get it done while my daughter ate lunch so that should say something because I never attempt these recipes while it’s just her and I!

Here’s mistake number one (above)… I wish I had browned them a bit better. They look good but my phone camera helped it out a bit! I think a nicer sear would have done some good. But pork, man… you can’t play around with it. It’s got to be cooked but too much cooking means dry…I can’t figure it out! Help!

The chops were quick and the sauce took double the time to thicken for me, possibly because it wasn’t up high enough. I used prepared horseradish because my grocer said they had to order some and I didn’t want to wait for it to arrive. I don’t think I even know what horseradish looks like which is why I asked the produce fellow to begin with! Also, love those silicone prep bowls pictures above! They are one of our best reviewed items at Pampered Chef for a reason. The measurement markers on those are a win! And of course the pour spout makes for easy pouring like this when transferring content! And did I mention they have lids?! I was able to make up the glaze, pop on a lid and put it in the fridge while I worked on the pork. Those are becoming quite the essential in my kitchen.

When the sauce finishes the chops go back in and you coat them with the sauce as they finished. After that it’s plate, garnish and enjoy!

Sadly this became another side-less meat but potatoes would pair great…either small cut potatoes roasted with olive oil, s/p and dill or mashed potatoes with some roasted garlic and dill…if you’re looking for recommendations.

My husband ate these heated up because I was giving spiritual direction that night but he told me my daughter ate some which shocked me! She thought it was chicken so there’s that.

I think next time I would go for better color but these were not terrible for me! I actually felt proud of the finished product! My husband polished them off so he didn’t mind them either!

For those who eat pork, enjoy! It’s another great one!

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