Maya’s Sweet & Sour Holiday Brisket with Fingerling & Carrot Coins Review


Recipe 61 from The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook by Deb Perelman

WW Note: 12 points for one serving isn’t too terrible for a piece of red meat! I’m not suggesting any modifications to this guy…the Carrots and Potatoes are 2 points a serving which makes for a nice side dish to a boneless skinless chicken breast!

This recipe can be found in Deb Perelman’s “The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook” or:

Hallmark Channel

Hanakryn: Cooking for Two (she blogged through TSK too!!)

Hummingbird Thyme

Well I hate to say it but this one is one of my least favorite recipes I’ve done from the Cookbook. My husband doesn’t agree so that’s an important detail! I really just didn’t care for the flavors on this. I’m not a fan of pot roast so that’s probably the whole of it!

Deb talks about how this recipe is easy and she wishes all meals came together like this. I have to agree. It was an easy dinner…but it took some planning because this was a long one!

She gives a few cooking methods. Slow cooker vs oven. I opted to go slow cooker but I think I over cooked the meat. I’ve learned to half the cooking time for any slow cooker recipes with meat involved but even this recipe cooked up quicker! Next time I would go with the oven to assure I didn’t over cook.

I used my Rockcrok Slow Cooker from Pampered Chef and I was told it runs hot. I probably could have cooked it on warm!

It made the house smells delicious! Now let’s talk carrots and potatoes! I loved having my Pampered Chef Simple Slicer to help with the potatoes and carrots! I would have been chopping forever!! I sliced these uniform and in record time!

They roasted right along with the tail end of the brisket reheat! It rested in the fridge for a day until it reheated for an hour.

I told my husband I’m glad he liked it but I probably wouldn’t make it again unless he requested it :) I knew I was bound to hit a recipe I didn’t like eventually. But here’s what I will say…if you like pot roast give this one a try!

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