Fun with Your Family


I shared recentlyon an Instagram post about hearing a woman speak at a church I attend for their Navigating Motherhood group. She was speaking on the topic of incorporating fun into your family.

She talked about her experience working with managers and teaching them how to grow as leaders and move up in their company. She explained to us that one of the points she teaches them that is key to a well functioning team is having bonding experiences. There are many ways to bond with people but for an office team an easy and likeable “technique” is… fun!

Fun bonds people as they’re creating memories together which is the kind of thing that makes people appreciate their work and their workplace and the people they work with.

Same with families, right? We bond with our family as we make good memories together. I think back on my childhood and the memories that really made me feel fused to my family were those of us having fun together.

My parents would take us to the local airport, and we would sit there with the sunroof open and small bowls of TCBY yogurt in our laps as we watch the planes take off and land.

Or we would drive into downtown Chicago and find a parking garage and my dad would drive around the parking garage, speeding up and down the ramps from one level to the next. Those were lovinly called “Tossing Cookie Rides.”

Then my mom would take us out of school for our birthdays and we would jump on the train to go shopping for a day on Michigan Avenue. Or we would head to museums when they had free days. Chicago, like other big cities, was never lacking for things to keep kids entertained.

My parents found fun ways to be with us and make memories establishing goofy yet terribly endearing traditions.

Hearing the speaker talk about fun at NavMo cause me to pause and reflect back on the fun from my childhood and feel challenged to use my memories as an idea board for me and my husband as we kind of plan out fun for our little family.

Here are a few things the speaker mentioned and a few ideas I have of my own but I would absolutely love to find out what it is you did as a kid! What is your greatest memory of fun with your family? Or what are you doing, or see others doing now to build traditions and fun for your/their families??


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