Buttered Popcorn Cookies

Recipe 67 from The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook by Deb Perelman

WW Note: These cookies are 3 points a piece!! Enjoy!!

This recipe can be found in Deb Perelman’s “The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook” or:

I Cooked The Books

Kitschen Cat

I Cooked the Books

It’s finally time for the Sweets Section and I’m excited that these first recipes are Cookie Recipes!! I have a goal of completing 2 recipes a week so we’ll see how I do. That goal is as much as me wanting to get this cookie chapter over so we don’t have cookies around all the time as it is trying to get ahead with this section!

I confess when I saw this recipe I was a little disappointed that this was the way we were kicking off. I have never had a good experience with putting something I love like popcorn into something sweet like a cookie or anything else for that matter. I love buttery salty popcorn just as it is, thanks so much :-) I kept thinking that this would be a funky recipe that I would stomach and toss the batches when nobody ate them. But I was really wrong! I made these yesterday and the cookies are gone because my family polished them off in one day!

I was able to use my Microwave Popcorn Maker from Pampered Chef for this recipe which is seriously one of the items I use the most frequently! I love it!! If you don’t have one…grab one!! And grab some of the delicious Popcorn Seasonings while you’re at it!

The cookie dough for this recipe was awesome! I use Nestle’s recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies but I may just try out this cookie dough and add some chocolate chips next time instead of popcorn…or maybe both!! Sooooo good. I would have been happy just eating the cookie dough on this recipe because the crunch of the popcorn with the sweet is so great!

Look at that dough 😍!! Oh it was really good!!

I used my White Large Round Stone to make the cookies and it was my first time using it to bake and I was impressed! I also did a sheet pan and there was a difference in how the cookies turned out…they were much crispier and soft then those from a sheet pan. I’m excited to do more baking on my stone this section of the cookbook to see more of the difference!

This picture isn’t great but it’s a small plug for the Stackable Cooling Racks! These are Sooo much better then my other racks!! I just got them so this is my first time using them. They are sturdy and the crosshatch keep things from falling through…my other cooling racks are on their way out now that I’ve tried these!

These are a fun and quick recipe to pull together! I think they are a fun cookie to introduce at your next gathering!! Give these a try!

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