Brown Butter Rice Crispy Treats Review

Recipe 69 from The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook by Deb Perelman

WW Note: These are 3 points a piece if you cut them into 32 1-by-2-inch bars or 7 points if you go for 2 inch bars. it’s another one of those things that’s just really hard to modify. I know there’s reduced fat butter out there but do you want to try to Brown that instead of butter? I guess if you do give it a try you’ll probably save quite a few points but part of me thinks… just enjoy and indulge with these once in awhile!

This recipe can be found in Deb Perelman’s “The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook” on page 201-202 or from The Smitten Kitchen site directly!:

The Smitten Kitchen

What’s funny about this recipe is that I had tried it before I even knew it was in the cookbook! My sister brought salted brown butter rice krispie treats to a family gathering which we all devoured in seconds! They deliciously stayed in my memory and I think it was Christmas 2018 that I decided to give them a try when making Christmas cookies. I searched online for a recipe only to be surprised to see them on Deb’s site! I then wondered if they were in this cookbook and sure enough there they are on page 201!

So in some ways I’ve gone out of order and made these long before I even got to them but it’s only because I didn’t know better :-) and there was no way I was going to wait until this day to make them because again they’re that delicious. This recipe also made it in the Food52 latest cookbook published called Genius Desserts! And if you read the forward by the author of the recipe collection she says that this recipe was by far the fan favorite in the office! I guess she brought the various recipes around the office for people to try and Deb’s got everyone giving it a 10. Have I sold you on it yet? It’s really good :-)

I haven’t officially learned how to brown butter because of this recipe! I’ve made this recipe plenty of times by now and each time I feel grateful to have had practice because it feels like a challenge to Brown better well. I’m pretty sure that I have burnt the better but the nutty flavored and a burnt flavor are in some ways not too far off so you really aren’t going to kill the Rice Krispies if you overdo it a bit. Never once have I had a plate of these not get gobbled up so don’t be too stressed by the browning butter part but be ready for it to take a little bit of time.

I have no recommendations on a particular type of butter or even a particular type of rice cereal because I’ve tried it all. I’ve tried generic brand marshmallows and regular sea salt instead of flaky sea salt. I’ve tried off-brand rice cereal and Rice Krispies brand and it all tastes good. You can’t go wrong, so use what you have and don’t stress about getting top of the line.

Just like regular rice krispies, when the butter sets up these come together really quickly. She recommends using a 10 oz bag of large or miniature marshmallows and I see in her picture she uses large marshmallows. I prefer small because they feel like they melt a little quicker but again use what you have especially if you have a stash of marshmallow sitting in your cupboard from Christmas hot chocolate bars that needs to get used up!

you will see flex in the browned butter and that’s as it’s supposed to be so don’t worry that you burnt it or that it overcooked somehow. I was scared of that the first few times I did this but the taste never was off….so I dug a little deeper into learning about how to brown butter I realize that’s actually supposed to happen :)

You can see my daughter being part of my process this last time as I was taking pictures. She’s a big fan of these like any kiddo (adult or otherwise!) and she likes to help me stir the Rice Krispies once everything is put in temperature friendly containers!

The most helpful advice that Deb offers in this recipe as how to get the rice krispies pressed into the pan. Previously I would use a spatula or my hands to push the mixture into the pan so it could set up. She suggests using parchment paper to help you push it down and truly I’ve never gone back to using my hand or spatula because nothing compares. This process really does benefit from having that parchment paper!

However, I did not have parchment paper on this particular day that I was making these so you’re going to be seeing me using plastic wrap instead. It also works just fine and helps get the Krispies pushed in there, the problem is the parchment paper helps shields your fingers from the temperature of the mixture whereas the plastic wrap does not quite do that as well.

But who cares because it’s delicious no matter how compact you get it in the pan! You can’t go wrong with rice krispie treats and that’s why I love them so much. Not to mention they’re nostalgic for so many of us who grew up making them at home. This is an adult friendly Rice Crispy because they are a little more sophisticated with the brown butter and sea salt. But again the kiddos love these two. I made these for what we thought would be my daughter’s birthday a couple weekends ago however she got sick and we had to postpone the party. So we’ll be having our family birthday party this upcoming weekend and I am happy to report I will be making these once again.

this is another one of those recipes I don’t feel like I should be giving you a choice on. If you’ve got allergies I get it but if you don’t have allergies and even if you’re on a diet you need to give these a try. You’ll make a lot of people smile :)

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