Gooey Cinnamon Squares

Recipe 71 from The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook by Deb Perelman

WW Note: it’s 12 points for 1/20 of the recipe….move along….

This recipe can be found in Deb Perelman’s “The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook” on page 207-209 OR on the following sites:

Completely Delicious

Living With Purple

Kylee Cooks

So, I can’t say this recipe was my favorite. I had all hopes and dreams of falling in love with it! I mean look at her cookbook pictures! They look amazing.

I hold that I may have messed up in some way because the texture varied throughout the pan which made it confusing to understand what they should look like.

The ingredients were user friendly and I don’t think I had to get anything from the store which is always a win. You need those dessert recipes that you can whip out on short notice and this maybe one to add to your list!

Deb’s inspiration for these bars was her love affair with Snickerdoodles and all things Snickerdoodle flavor! Sounds like, unlike me, it’s not a cookie she was making and eating growing up so these bars were her way of making up for lost time!

It’s a 2 layered bar with the first layer being a crust and the gooey layer being added on top. Unlike some bars you’re not baking the first layer before adding the next which means these bars come together quickly.

My daughter was able to help mix, spread and sprinkle all the layers since precision was not needed and that means it’s perfect for kiddos. That may also be why the texture was different from one bar to the next :)

Here it is before going in and the below is fresh out!

The center of the pan ended up with bars that were more gooey and the edges the pan ended up more cakey bites. Since the title has ‘gooey’ in t, I’m thinking the center was more the idea of what they should be like. I think I didn’t spread the second layer all the way to the edges which is why it was more like the crust breaking through and cakey.

If you’re in love with all things Snickerdoodle then give these a try, you’ll probably enjoy them. I crave chocolate more then cinnamon so maybe that’s why I never fell in love with the cookies as a kiddo. Glad to have another one done!! This chapter is almost done you guys!!

Happy bar making!

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