Chocolate Silk Pie Review

Recipe 76 from The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook by Deb Perelman

WW Note: 14 points if you can cut 16 slices…and I think it’s pretty rich so you may be able to get it to 7 points if you share that piece :)

This recipe can be found in Deb Perelman’s “The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook” on pages 222-223 or from the following sites:

The Tastiest Book

The Baker’s Child

A Cookbook Collection

And we have another recipe that just blows me out of the water! This one goes in the ever growing list of “Impressive but Simple” recipes! I brought this pie to our life group and people asked where I bought it :) Moment of pride when I was able to say I actually put it together myself! Wahoo.

My one shopping struggle for this recipe was the chocolate wafers. I found them on Amazon because I was a tad confused by what she meant by that! I looked at a few different grocery stores and didn’t have any luck (maybe I was looking in the wrong section??). So I decided that I would just grab some chocolate graham cracker cookies and use those instead. I am curious to know how different it would have been but I didn’t have a problem with how the graham crackers worked as a substitute.

A small plug for some of these Pampered Chef products that I used in this recipe. I have the new Lazy Susan that locks and can be used as a platform which I’ve built a cookie house on and could rotate it to more easily decorate and ice it. It’s also a great cheese board or can be used to help ice cakes! You can also see the Petite Measure All cup below that I love for measuring things like heavy cream or when flipped over it pulls down (think of a push pop!) and you can also measure things like honey or molasses or ketchup for recipes and push the ingredients into your bowl which then scrapes the side of the cylinder making for easy clean up. There are 3 different sizes so they can quickly become your favorite measuring tools! Lastly the star of this recipe prep is the Silicon Prep Bowls! It works so well for safely melting butter, chocolate, and peanut butter without worrying about burning your fingers when it comes out! I also use them for storing things like onions, avocados or chopped ingredients because each one in the set come with a lid that make an air tight and smell free storage for your ingredients. Which means no more stinky refrigerators after chopping onions and helping those avocados stay green! I think I get the most use out of the set more than any other item from Pampered Chef. It’s a must have set in my eyes!

Besides not using the right kind of wafter to make the crust I also messed up one of the steps because (shocker) I didn’t read the instructions before I got started. Despite my bad habit of doing that I have gotten a lot better at reading ahead so I was a tad surprised I did what I did….so what did I do?

Add all the eggs in at the same time! I was supposed to add the eggs in one at a time and beat for 5 min in between each addition. I panicked for a short second because I know that the whipping is important if she is asking you to do it for such a long amount of time. I compromised by mixing for 15 min with all 3 eggs in there. I suspect the results were similar because it still set up in the fridge as I would expect it to as a silk pie. So there’s a quick hack for you in case you run into the same problem that I did! I was very happy to have my Kitchen Aid for this recipe :)

Don’t not do this pie without having a Kitchen Aid though. I think a hand mixer is the next best thing though a lot more work on your part and not so set and forget. But I think you may be more proud of it with all that sweat, don’t you think?!

I let the pie set up overnight because I didn’t want to serve it until the next day. You’ll do the whipped cream right before you serve and then top with the pretty shavings of chocolate. I froze the pie that we didn’t eat and then covered it once the whipped cream had set and could handle the plastic wrap. It freezes and thaws REALLY WELL so this is a great one to do ahead of time and save if you need to.

I think it’s super impressive and it was kind of fun to make because it’s so simple. A kid friendly recipe for sure. It’s rich and so it will probably go a long way if you serve smaller pieces.

So that’s it on this one but I do hope that you grab on of those links and try to make this if you have silk pie fans in your crew. I can’t wait to make this one again!