Marbled Pumpkin Gingersnap Tart Review

Recipe 77 from The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook by Deb Perelman

WW Note:I have this calculated at 12 points for 1/8 of the tart! Which means if you slice that 8th of a slice in half you’ll get it to 6 which seems perfectly reasonable for a dessert!

This recipe can be found in Deb Perelman’s “The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook” on pages 224-225 or from the following sites:

Heather Homemade

We Are From The Farm

Baked Northwest

Okay everyone I’m sorry to not get this up and posted before pumpkin season was over but I was super happy to have it show up as the next dessert in the midst of November Thanksgiving gatherings!

It was a hit with everyone who got a slice and I have to say that for someone like me who doesn’t care for pumpkin or gingerbread that a well formed recipe can convert anyone! It was tasty :) and much preferred to pumpkin pie. I LOVE cheesecake so that is my gateway into this dessert.

I chose to grab the Triple Ginger Gingersnap Cookies from Trader Joe’s and if you like ginger in all its forms then you definitely won’t hate those. I am a fan of ginger in things when I can’t feel it… meaning please don’t feed me dishes with chunks of ginger in it! It’s far too strong and takes me back to a bad Moo Shu Pork Wrap incident in an on-campus dining dive in college…🤢. So…these cookies are not for my snacking pleasure but complemented the sour and sweet cheesecake as well as the rich pumpkin. It was literally the spice that balanced it all.

I got rid of my expired ground ginger and forgot to replace it so I pulled out my DoTerra Ginger essential oil to swirl into my brown sugar. PLEASE NOTE… Not all essential oils are for consumption so please don’t do this with just any brand. DoTerra’s Ginger essential oil I trust so I can recommend. But not all essential oils are made equally so know your brand before digesting it.

I’ve talked about using essential oils in baking and cooking before but it’s been awhile so here’s a mini refresher. Depending on the oil you’re wanting to use, you don’t need much to bring the flavor into your recipe. Ginger is a spicier oil so I used the toothpick method instead of using a whole drop….which is super concentrated and likely too overwhelming. So, instead of a whole drop, I dipped the toothpick into the oil bottle then swirled it around in the brown sugar to replace the ground ginger. That helped the ginger flavor make it’s way into the pumpkin part of this tart.

Now let’s get truthful. I had a very very messy time putting this recipe together! Everything seemed to go wrong and I’m truly amazed it all came together at all. Here’s some of the messy stories I have to tell.

Deb recommends that a measuring cup will help you get the crust in place. I struggled but it was better then trying to just use my hand. However it was a mess!

I found out too late…mostly by error…that my tart pans were 9 inches instead of 10 inches. You can see how messy things got because of being unaware of that 1 inch difference. The picture below shows that there was extra crust….so if I had scooped all of that out there would have probably still been enough for the pumpkin.

But you can see below how things got out of hand quickly….when it came time to put the cheesecake in, the 2 different consistencies of the pumpkin and cheesecake make it nearly impossible to swirl in the cheesecake AND created a big mess in the process.

At this point I was shaking my head and assuming the worst. I had plans to bring the completed tart to life group and I realized I may need a back up plan quickly if this didn’t come together! I think the biggest problem was the pan being the wrong size and my newness to the world of tarts and tart pans!! Ooft.

I guess it was kind of a pretty mess so that’s good. Below I’m showing you the done version after the mess but I did a few things before pretty and done were achieved. I went ahead and put that drippy mess on a new sheet pan and then scooped some of the filling out. I also ran my knife around the edge so the crust was viewable and not overrun by batter. What you see below is the result of that. You can see the crust! Huge victory!

I have so many things I would do different next time and I’ve learned my lesson about measuring my pan. What makes me laugh is that it didn’t dawn on me to use less crust and filing to achieve the same goal with the smaller pan 🤦.

Still learning… remember the name of this blog. I’m a novice and it’s humble moments like this that remind me of that!

Enjoy trying this out for your next pumpkin loving crowd!