6 Potty Training Must Havs

I feel like I have accomplished one of the greatest things as a parent and it’s not really my accomplishment at all but rather my daughter’s! Still bragging over here because I feel like I earned an invisible badge on my even more invisible mom vest!

Potty training!

Yes, here we sit on the other side of potty training and I’m thrilled and my stress has dropped significantly!

I don’t come with advice because I don’t know your kiddo. I can only share what worked for us!

Here’s 10 notes of our experience and links to the 6 things I highly recommend grabbing a version of if you don’t already have it stocked before getting the party “potty started”!!:

  1. My daughter was 27 months, almost 28 months old when we started. She was already familiar with pooping on the potty which I had her start doing around 18 months whenever she told me she was going….helped us avoid more pooping in the tub incidents. 🤢🤦
  2. We used the 3 Day Potty Training method by Lora Jensen. My sister-in-law recommended it since she used it for a few little ladies she nannied. I read the e-book a few times through before getting started and planning when to begin. The goal was to find 3 consecutive days….which was surprisingly not as easy as it should have been since I’m home full time. I had to have her skip her swim lessons in order to make it work. Potty training and not going potty in the pool was a whole other thing to teach. I didn’t want to try and have her learn too much all at once.
  3. We did night and day time training all at once which meant I had mattress covers ready! We have had a total of 4 accidents at night since we have started mid October. 2 were during the potty training days, 2 have been after because we forget to have her try going potty before bed and because she was really tired and sleeping hard. Other then that she wakes up and goes when she needs to or hold it till morning.
  4. We cut off drinks 2 hours before bed time and made sure she went 2 times after that cut off time before bed. That worked really well but there were tears a few nights because she didn’t get a cup. I taught her to drink lots more at the early parts of the day so she wasn’t super thirsty before bed. Now that I know she’ll wake up to go when she needs to, we are not really sticklers.
  5. We used M&M’s as rewards and a sticker chart to help transition away from candy. Every time she went she earned 2 and a sticker. At some point she stopped asking for candy and was excited about the stickers. Now it’s been 2 months since those 3 days and she’s randomly asking for candy but is mostly just going and moving along with her day.
  6. I bought a bunch of undies for her as was suggested so we had lots to grab from in case of accidents.
  7. We have potty seats in all our bathrooms so we could stop and go at anytime. She has a small potty in her room that we taught her to use at night or during naps since we didn’t buy stools for her to get on the big potty yet. My plan is to get some squatty potty stools for each bathroom since the pool she swims at has them and she can manage well when using them.
  8. We bought Kirkland’s Flushable Wipes and put them in every bathroom to make poop clean up less of a mess.
  9. When our 3 days were over I put a training potty in the back of my SUV along with a shoebox sized Rubbermaid with flushable wipes, scented bags for diapers, 2 pairs of underwear and a change of clothes. That’s our emergency kit for when we go to parks with no potties or have accidents. So far we’ve only had to use it once. She’s pretty good at holding it.
  10. We transitioned her to a toddler bed before we started. We pushed back potty training so we could transition there first and so she knew how to handle all that freedom! That made night training easier and we bought this bumper which made it easy for her to climb in and out.

This method worked well for her and us but I realized that just because the 3 days are over, it didn’t mean my job was done. While we had no major accidents after 3 days I don’t think I felt like she was fully potty trained till she could tell me she had to go. When she could do that it told me she recognized her body’s urges. Before that started happening I was asking her every 5-15 min to tell me if she had to go…to which she would reply “Yes, I need to go.” That means she was not necessarily initiating the request to go just responding to me.

That initiation on her part took a little longer then 3 days for her to get….it was probably 10 more days before I was feeling less of a need for vigilance on my end.

That’s about all! We’re out of the woods and it feels good! It feels like a really big milestone for our family so I’m excited to pass along what’s worked for us! I’m here for questions but feel free to comment with what worked for your family!