Almond and Sweet Cherry Galette Review

Recipe 79 from The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook by Deb Perelman

WW Note: the serving size is 1/8 so for that it will cost you 10 points. I tried calculation with a refrigerator pie dough like Pillsbury however that’s actually more points then making Deb’s All Butter, Really Flaky Pie Dough Recipe. So just use half of hers to save you about 20 overall points in the recipe.

This recipe can be found in Deb Perelman’s “The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook” on pages 229-230 or from the following sites:

Blueberries And Basil

A Bit Lovely

Sprouted Kitchen

It’s pretty, hu?! It’s so rustic and well baked and you just want to reach for a piece!

Here’s the thing…we actually didn’t like it. I made this awhile ago when cherries were in season because I didn’t want the same trouble I ran into with my cranberry dessert turned blueberry because of the season I made it 🤦. But I asked my husband tonight if he remembers this dessert and he gave me a blank look….

Not that memorable. I think I had wished we tried it with fruit that I actually don’t mind baking with like apples or peaches or pears. Cherries…..great to eat, not great when baked.

Here’s the good news…it was super easy to make. I will definitely be trying this again with other fruit because once your pie dough is done you’re assembling this quickly and baking it before you know it.

The almond paste for the base was simple to make and the folding and brushing to finish made this a dessert you will want to make when you want to impress someone!

I was again greatful for my inverted spatula or small spreader… it has become the tool you NEED to have, in my opinion, if you don’t already have one. This is great for everything from spreading pizza sauce, frosting cupcakes, PBJ sandwiches, or things like this. Any spreading you need to do you’ll find yourself reaching for this!

To form the Galette you do not at all have to have a perfectly round shape. It’s kind of meant to have a rustic shape and you can always make it prettier by removing dough that doesn’t settle well. In that sense it’s a very low maintenance dessert.

Used my Chef’s Silicone Basting Brush to put on the egg wash. This brush has a little hook on the handle that grabs the side of your basting liquid so it doesn’t slide right in. That silly little feature makes it the only one I grab when I need one. Wish it was a different color but it works so well I won’t fuss.

I think it’s really stunning and it came out great….just wish I like cherries a little more!

And again, my White Large Round Stone was a dear companion! I never worry about things burning with my Stoneware. They cook so evenly that I’ve been told it’s pretty tough to burn anything on them. Sign me up….clumsy and forgetful are a few traits I sport in the kitchen so this is a life saver.

I’ll post an update if I try this with another fruit….cherry lovers out there, I hope you try these and are not dissatisfied!