Tiny But Intense Chocolate Cake Review

Recipe 86 from The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook by Deb Perelman

WW Note: This tiny cake is meant to have six tiny portions. Each of those tiny portions will cost you 11 points. I think it might satisfy any craving for chocolate for not so many points but maybe you’d rather use those on peanut M&Ms instead!

This recipe can be found in Deb Perelman’s “The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook” on page 250-251 or from the following sites:

Eva Bakes

House and Garden

Better With Cake

This is a yummy cake! Or yummy two cakes in my case! I didn’t have a 6 inch springform pan but I did have two 4 inch springform pans so I opted to split the batter between the two instead.

I like that the ingredients are simple for a flourless chocolate cake and the only thing that I had to buy was whipping cream. If I had done this recipe a week ago I would have had more than enough because for some reason I had a crazy excess after the holidays.

Oh, I had to pick up some raspberries too because if you live in our house raspberries just don’t last long.

I inherited this little springform pans from a friend who was getting rid of some of the things that they had received from their wedding and had never used. Shout out to Kat Carrington! They’ve been sitting in my cupboard forever and when I saw that I needed just such a thing for this recipe I was excited because while I’ve had them for over 7 years this is the first time I’ve used them.

Cute, aren’t they?!

Part of me wanted to go to the store and try to find some fancier semi-sweet chocolate then the Costco semi-sweet chocolate chips I had on hand. But I decided to just use up the supply and not go gourmet on this to see how it turned out. I used the semi-sweet chocolate chips when we were doing Christmas cookie baking back in December and wasn’t super impressed with how they turned out in one of my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipes. So I was wondering if they would be any good in this cake. I’m happy to say that you don’t really taste the chocolate chips flavor as much as you do the salt and the butter and the chocolate all combined.

I was pretty nervous about this recipe because it required me to whip to a peak the egg whites. I feel like my luck with egg whites has been very minimal and I actually can’t think of a time where I’ve successfully whipped egg whites into peaks. But as you can see from the picture below, I nailed it! I may have turned a corner.

I confessed that I was a little confused with how the egg whites folded into the chocolate batter. It definitely didn’t look how I would have expected it to but I let it do its thing and assumed it would work itself out as it baked…which turned out to be true.

The total volume of batter ended up being about 2 cups. So between the two 4 inch springform pans I poured about a cup in each one. the cakes were perfect for personal size or could easily be split in half or four slices depending on how much everybody wanted.

Deb talks about the cake sinking in the middle as soon as you take it out of the oven and I don’t know if I saw that immediate reaction. It definitely pulled away from the sides of the pan which made it very easy to release when it came time.

Just a pretty little cake that has a pretty striking taste for such a little thing. The name is very appropriate.

It being Valentine’s week I vote that you give this a try and make one up for the Loves in your life! Happy baking everyone!