Rosemary, Gruyére and Sea Salt Crisps Review

Recipe 100 from The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook by Deb Perelman

This recipe can be found in Deb Perelman’s “The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook” on pages 294-295 or on these sites :

Crumbs and Nibbles

The Way the Cookie Crumbles

Join Me For Dinner

Holy smokes….make these. That should be all I need to write but…alas…I will elaborate.

I was super surprised how quickly these came together and how fun they were to make. I dusted off a few kitchen items I have had but haven’t used before in order to make these pretty.

One was my ravioli cutter that I haven’t used but found to be very helpful for giving my crackers a fun shape.

Another was a ruler which was very helpful to help me get them a little bit more precise with the cutting.

I do recommend putting the dough you’re not using in the refrigerator in between cutting. Or once you cut the crackers, if you have space, put your baking sheets in the refrigerator to firm the dough. I think the butter started melting and caused problems like any dough with butter would do. That meant that it lost the shape that has been cut into it.

If you’re going for beautiful then have fun with the shapes of the crackers. But if you’re going for tasty just cut them and whatever way is easy for you.

These things are just absolutely buttery and delicious like you would want a homemade cracker to be. And I think for a recipe 100 it is a really exclamatory one that I will make again and again!

A must try!

Oh, and I would even venture to say that you can play around with the flavors. If you don’t like gruyere find another cheese that’s hard and comprable like parmesan. You don’t like Rosemary try it with sage or even basil. Actually that really sounds good of Parmesan basil cracker…hmmmm.


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