My name is Jessica and these are the diaries of my cooking experiences. I have no training in the kitchen other then what I’ve learned from my mom, the food network, cook books and a knife skills class that I took a few years ago. I love experimenting with different recipes and forcing myself to be creative with ingredients I find in the kitchen. Being on a tight budget forces some of that creativity and my hope is that one day I will have a larger food budge that allows me to buy some yummier ingredients to experiment with!

A little about me…I went to Biola University in La Mirada, CA and earned my elementary credential and masters in teaching. I am not currently a teacher but love to find different opportunities and settings where I can use my love of teaching outside the classroom. When I’m not in the kitchen you will find me with housemates, friends and family, trying new restaurants with my younger sister, Hannah, working on my next crafty project (it is baby blanket season), or watching my favorite TV shows….(favorite as of late is the New Girl…”Whose that girl… it’s JESS!”…I confess I may sing that about myself sometimes….)

I am doing this blog as a hobby but would absolutely love to gain a little audience that interacts with the blog and offers a little coaching/advice on the recipes that I try…I would love to learn from your experiences so if you want to leave a few tips and tricks of your own on these pages, you are very welcome to!

Happy cooking friends and family!


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