Ellie’s Bedtime Car Adventure

This little lady did the funniest thing yesterday. I just wanted to write it out so I don’t forget it!

She’s was clingy all day because she woke up with a fever. So, we cuddled all day till I decided to just make an appointment. We went to the doctor found out she has an ear infection, went to picked up a prescription and dinner and headed home to wait for my husband.

She fell asleep in my arms at the Drs office because it was during her nap time, but that cat nap was all she got for an afternoon nap which meant early bed time. That also wasn’t like her at all. She only really sleeps in her bed so I knew poor baby was not doing well.

With all that, I just thought she would go to bed easily…I was very wrong. As we turned off the lights, said our prayers and started to sing Jesus Loves Me, she interrupted us singing and started saying, “car,” over and over again. She’s 17 months old so we don’t have a lot to work with when she says…car.

I asked her a few questions to make sure I was hearing that correctly and she just kept repeating it. I even tried to put her in her crib, telling her we would drive in the car tomorrow, but she repeated it more through her crying and frustration.

I went against my usual protocol because this wasn’t her normal behavior, and picked her up and said, “Mommy doesn’t understand. Show me.” So, she pointed to the door and I walked towards it. She pointed to go down stairs, so we went. Then she pointed to the front door, and so we walked outside since she was in her warm jammies. When we got near the cars she pointed to it and said “car!”

“Well, okay”…I thought. “At least I understood her correctly.”

But I was stumped as to what she wanted, because she has been protesting her car seat a lot lately. Still I figured, let’s play this out. No harm done. If she falls asleep in the car I’ll just move her. Let’s just see.

So, we grabbed her passie and blanket and took her to the car, all the while thinking this is going to be over shortly when she understands I’m putting her in her carseat.

But she shocked me and plopped right down into her seat instead of the usual stand of defiance, and said in victory with a big smile…”car.”

I had to laugh. This was exactly what she wanted.

Then it dawned on me… a few nights this past week we’ve gone out to grab dinner or run errands in the evening. And part of what we’ve done to distract her from car seat tantrums was point out Christmas lights.

I think her whole “car” montra was her way of saying she enjoyed it and was excited to do it again. I don’t know if it was about the lights, or the family time but she loved it and I love that little part of me I see in her wanting to be adventurous before bed time!

It was the sweetest and my joy for this season of traditions has been renewed with her wonder of the lights and trees and nights of fun with her.

We start advent today and while I made a fun little calendar for us to do as we begin to make traditions for our little family I am also introducing a scriptural component to our daily calendar, pausing to be reminded of Jesus’s birth being the gift we celebrate most of all.

I struggle with how clichè that sounds but the truth, compassion and perfection of it is too big for such a thing. The wonder of Christmas for me is that the God of the universe chose to humble himself in human form and serve those whom might be serving Him.

In a western world where everyone tends to focus on ‘self’ rather then ‘other’ it’s surprising as to why someone would do that. I know for myself that I seek control and power in ways that are embarrassing yet normal at the human level if I were to dissect it.

That means that I don’t really want to just give power and control up. I seem to have something to prove or a deep desire to be respected or loved or a combo of the 2 that prevents me from giving up that power. It’s an pretty bug internal struggle for me if I’m being honest! I don’t just give it up without a significant process in my head.

But you know when I’m more willing to give it up? When I love the person I’m humbling myself for.

I think that says a lot about how much God loved us. To do that untouchable kind of humbling…it’s kind of indescribable!

I don’t feel like I know how to teach some of these beautiful truths to my daughter but every year we’ll just get a level deeper.

I’m a beginner in this space to. Pass along your ideas for sharing Jesus and Christmas with your kiddos and I will appreciatively tuck them away to pull out when she’s at the right age to receive the nuggets of goodness.

Happy Christmas season readers!

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