Mushroom Bourguignon Review

Recipe 51 from The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook by Deb Perelman

WW Note: Making this recipe as is without the noodles will cost you 5 points. The egg noodles I picked up from Aldi were pretty high in points (6) for 1/4 a cup. So I might swap that out for something else that is either lower points or you will get more bang for your buck, like rice.

I’ve made it through another chapter everyone! The last recipe of the meatless mains is complete and I’m gearing up for a lot of learning about proteins I’ve never cooked before like mussels and halibut and short rib. And no sarcasm here, I’m super excited about it!

This chapter has been a lot of fun and I have some recipes I will definitely be coming back to, like the roasted eggplant, roasted tomatoes and Cipollini onions, risotto stuffed poblanos, leek fritters, and gnocchi in tomato broth.

I am kind of sad to say this recipe may not be one I come back to. It was really easy to make and you have to love it for that. No offense to Deb but I just don’t care for stews and the flavors of this dish took me back to the days I came home from school, asked my mom what we were having and inwardly melted in disappointment when she said stew. I am also not the biggest fan of mushrooms so it was kind of a double whammy for me.

BUT…don’t be disappointed if you like stew dishes. My husband like it! So, run with that comment and not mine. I’m just not going to be a fair judge of the quality of this recipe.

Here’s what I did like…and stay with me here…I didn’t care for the mushrooms by themselves. I didn’t care for the noodles by themselves. Yet when I tasted them together it all changed for the better. I was able to finish my bowl without cringing because they complemented each other nicely in flavor and texture.

Deb talks about finishing it with sour cream. My husband did that and it made the sauce more creamy and likely coated the egg noodles a little better. I say ‘likely’ because I saw he dished it up that way but then failed to go see and taste it!

If you enjoy stew then you may be a better person to give this a try…you can find the recipe directly from Deb, who posted it on her Instagram recently: Mushroom Bourguignon

I think this is my last recipe for a little while since we have family in town for the holidays but check my Instagram account to follow along with the holiday cooking and baking I’ll be up to!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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