My turn…Sweet and Spicy Buffalo Wings


So, I decided it was a good idea to give these babies a try since I offered the recipe in my last post. Can’t know if they are good if I don’t at least try them.

So, tonight was my trial run…(see recipe from last post) . I donned my cute apron (yes I made it!), a sassy smile and got to work. (That may have actually been a pinched smile….threw my back out this morning and was feeling the pain!)

I took an awesome picture of all the ingredients, but it didn’t save on my phone…so here’s the run down of what I used: 2.3lbs of chicken wings, Louisiana hot sauce (didn’t even know they sold it but thanks to Fresh and Easy, I was educated), butter, honey, pinch of cayenne pepper, ground pepper and garlic salt. The recipe calls for 6 pounds of chicken wings but since I was just making these for myself I figured 2 lbs was plenty. I decided to half the recipe for the sauce but I could have halved that as well and had plenty. Here’s a run down of how it all went.

Step 1: Seasoning the wings…I decided to season the wings with a little salt and pepper…mostly because that’s what I feel you’re suppose to do. I don’t actually know if this helped or hindered the flavor. The recipe suggests that you grill the wings, but I don’t have a grill, so deep frying was the easier solution for me.

Step 2: Making the Sauce….I decided to do 3/4 butter, 3/4 cup hot sauce, and 1/2 cup honey and vegetable oil for the frying…these were all added together in my sauce pan along with the pinches of seasoning. They simmered together for 10 min while I began deep frying the wings.


Step 3: Frying the Wings…I set my temperature at 6 on the stove since that’s the warmest it could get. I figured the hotter the better! So I dropped the wings in and heard them cracking and popping. Before I knew it they were golden brown and I was proud of myself for how they were coming out.

HOWEVER, I was getting ready to take a bite into one and a little voice in my head sounding a lot like Alton Brown said something like…”Check the temperature of your oil. You want to make sure that it cooks the chicken all the way through which can be the toughest part of making fried chicken.” THANK GOODNESS that voice of Alton Brown…or the Holy Spirit…chimed into my cooking. I cut it the wing close to the bone and sure enough it was golden brown, but pinky pink on the inside. Fail for Jessica. I pulled the other wing out of the oil and decided to check that one as well…strike two. Bummer.

I decided to do a little research on the internet to get a better idea of cooking temperature and how long I should expect it to take to cook and crisp the wing. Thanks to OC I did a quick 101 course on deep frying chicken wings. This site said it should take 8 to 10 minutes to cook up and that the oil should be at 375 degrees. I don’t have a thermometer anymore so I decided to crank my heat down from a 6 to a 4 and see how it went. The next wings cooked up in the 8 to 10 min time frame and were cooked all the way through…praise the Lord! I was back in business!

 I put them in batches of 4 or 5 and that seemed to be just the right amount for the pot I chose to use. Too many more and they would have been crowded. I found that a few of them stuck together in my first batch so after I dropped in the second batch I made sure to put the tongs in there to separate them a bit.

It took me a while to get my 2lbs of wings cooked up because it did take 8 to 10 min a batch. If I had any more then the 2lbs I would have been frustrated. Eventually they were done…this picture demonstrates my “MMMMM yummy” face :)

Step 4: TOSSING THE WINGS…. I decided to toss them in the sauce but then finish them up in the oven since it had taken so long for them to finish frying and the first batch was getting cooler. The oven ideas was not in the recipe because they grilled them, but remember, I’m an experimental cook and SOMETIMES I have success! I used a bowl and tongs to get the tossing going. SIDE NOTE…I really wanted to be like one of those amazing chefs who can toss things in a bowl instead of stirring….but I was pretty sure I was going to look like I had killed someone when wing sauce splattered all over me during a incredibly dumb tossing move that landed the wings all over me and the floor. Sometimes my desire to be a professional chef is outweighed by my God given intelligence and common sense. I can just see my room mates walking in  to me flat on the floor because I had REALLY thrown out my back when I attempted to execute the tossing mix move…ugh. All that to say, the tongs worked beautifully!!
I used only part of the sauce on them since I was putting them in oven. I figured I would take them out and toss them in the rest of the sauce before digging in. Once the wings were coated, I put them on a foil lined baking sheet and put them in the oven at 400 degrees for 5 min. That ended up being not quite enough time for them to look the way I was hoping, so I left them in for another 5 min….total of 10 min. Here’s what they looked like when I took them out! Golden delicious :) I had extra sauce which I used to pour over them. I plated them and added my little cup of blue cheese dressing and dug in. TA DA!!!
So, how did they turn out?!?!
AWESOME! I was so very proud of the way that they looked and tasted. They definitely smelled and had the typical buffalo wing taste yet, the honey gave them a whole new flavor that I really wasn’t expecting. When you first taste the sauce you’ll get the sweet of the honey on the front, but as it sits on your tongue you get the kick of the hot sauce. It was a very tasty balance and the blue cheese dressing complemented everything very well. You’ll notice my glass of water in the picture, which is definitely recommended.  I assume most wing eaters would prefer a beer with their wings and IF I liked beer (I know….weird palate again..) I would have indulged.
Now that I can highly recommend this recipe, here’s what I would do differently next time.
1. I would probably use a bigger pan. It took a long time for all those wings to cook when I was doing 5 at a time. I could have also used my deep fryer to get the job done easier.
2. I would have waited to start the sauce when I was dropping my last wings. It was done way too early and though this didn’t seem to affect the taste or consistency of the sauce, the timing was off. I’m still trying to learn timing in cooking so it’s good that I make notes of these things :)
1. I messed up the oil temperature…if you have a thermometor, use it. That would keep me from playing the guessing game. The above mentioned website gave a tip you can try to use to make sure the temperature is just right…they say to drop in a small piece of bread. If it takes the bread 60 seconds to get golden brown, then your oil is the right temperature! I didn’t try this because I had no bread on hand, but I will in the future.
1. Sauce turned out great! Very happy with the Louisiana hot sauce I found at Fresh and Easy. In this case the cheaper brand served me well!
2. Deep frying was a good idea! I don’t think I would have appreciated them as much if they had not gotten the crispy coating on them. I’ll do it this way every time, though I would also like to try baking them and see if the results are similar.
2. Halving the recipe for the wing sauce was great for 2.3lbs of wings. There was plenty for everything I wanted to use it for. I had extra when I was all done, but it’s always easier to have more sauce then not enough. I saved the little bit I had left and thought it might be good next time I grill up shrimp or chicken. We’ll see if it sits in my fridge or if I use it!

3. Checking the wings for pinkness! Can’t say enough about how I’m glad I checked it. Life is too busy for me to be giving myself food poisoning!
4. Had good tunes playing to keep me company!  Thanks to Spotify to keep me entertained. I had some fun singing along to songs while I waited for the wings to finish frying up. If you don’t have a cooking buddy, I recommend bringing in some tunes :)
In conclusion…I highly recommend these to you and encourage you to tell me how your version of these go! I would say this is a perfect recipe for a novice cook and you’ll be guaranteed tasty results. If you have any more tips and tricks, I’ll happily hear them! Thanks for reading and happy buffalo winging :)

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  1. Eliz says:

    I meant to post on this when you first posted it, these look so good!!! I’m going to have to try them sometime!

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