Weekly Meal Plan for January Week 4

I’m decided that I’m going to post my meal plan each week on here to keep me accountable! Meal planning makes the rhythm of our weeks go so much better because I’m not coming up with stuff on the fly.

So, here’s my meal plan for this week. You can also follow along with me on the Prepear App (the-novice-life) where you can see pictures of what I’m making (before I post it on Instagram @thenovicelifeblog) and save those recipes to your own bookmarked recipes and meal plans.

Side Note, I grocery shop on Saturday mornings after my WW wellness workshop so I plan from Saturday Lunch to Friday Dinner most weeks and unless I’m planning a special breakfast I stick to what we have on hand for breakfast…usually eggs, bacon, waffles, cereal, fruit and yogurt. You’ll see the





  • Chicken Sausages (These are the BEST and I found mine at Costco but saw them today at Albertsons/Vons too)


  • Frozen Appetizer Night


  • El Pollo Loco


That’s what’s cooking this week. Share what you’re making because I’m always needing ideas.

Oh, tip….I found A LOT of meat on sale this week. Check your adds and stock up to fill your freezer for the next few weeks!

Also a little free promotion for May Designs which is where I got this cute meal planning notebook. They have so many notebook options…go give them a look! https://www.maydesigns.com/

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